Sarantis returns with Karami Part 2.

The 2nd EP kicks off with some Apocalyptic Arabian vybz in the form of “Timewarp”! This is a cinematic Middle Eastern Grime driven track that features the vox of one of our favourite Lebanese singers. It also samples one of the most famous/legendary pieces of music ever that 99% of bellydance beginners will first encounter.

Track 2 is “Desertbound” into North African territory, This soaks in some more Grime, Footwork and heavy Bass flava’s and takes samples from 2 very famous Algerian vocalists whom are both Queens in their own right, and one is Queen of the strings and the other of the desert Rai. This track takes on a slightly animated Kung Fu vibe with shades of the Far East/Orient making a strange presence felt from out of nowhere.

For the next one we venture back into the heart of 80’s Lebanon, one of the golden periods of music from that country and certainly one of our most favourite periods ever for the dreamy number “Spinning”. This is a gorgeous track that makes you feel like you’re floating in the heavens with the angels. Once again this is soundtrack material!

Track 4 is up next and for this we go to Turkey to take inspiration from their 70’s Psychedelic Rock scene. Sarantis draws on that inspiration to create “Trade”, some blistering Juke/Footwork that will blow your mind and your socks off

Finally, the 2nd EP closes with “Didra” which veers away from North Africa and the Middle East into the Indian subcontinent. On this track, Sarantis takes samples from a famous compilation which he recorded into Cubase. He fucked so much with the samples that he can’t now tell which one was the original.

Grab it now for freee:


5 years ago, we released our first Footwork EP called “Freaktion” by Middle Eastern artist Sabbo who used the American RnB scene as a major influence for the sounds on that EP.

4 years on, this time we take from Chicago, USA and go to the Middle East (via Greece & Leeds) with Sarantis for our next EP that features Footwork with some Trap, Dubstep and Grime thrown in for good measure. This new EP soaks in flavours from the Middle East region for a mind-blowing and ground-breaking collision of sounds.

It all started when Sarantis sent us a Syrian inspired Footwork track. We were mind-blown and so we asked for an EP. We shared some of our knowledge & tastes on the wealth of Middle Eastern music with him to provide some stimulation. He used some of that inspiration and came up with 3 additional tracks within 48 hours and so we then had the first EP – Karami Part 1.

Sarantis uses some of the same formulas on the first EP and now returns with Karami Part 2 which is prising open the floodgates for a Middle Eastern Footwork/Grime/Juke explosion.


Sarantis is from Leeds has been making beats since 2002. He started with a grime release in 2005, featuring local talent Tauraus on vocals, establishing Senseless Records and following with a grimey dancehall /dubstep second release, these kind of mash ups would become a signature of trax to come by Sarantis, with mighty Warrior Queen on the vocals. More than money featuring Warrior Queen got a lot of support from djs such as Skream, Mary Anne Hobbes, Starkey, and Taso who put it in his Fabric set. After a break for a couple of years Sarantis came back with a new sound ,but without forgetting his past , making 160 bpm trax . Releases on Senseless Records, Loose Squares, Modern Ruin, Booty Call followed based around the same Chicago influenced sound, but also grime and dancehall tracks came with it. Still on the dancehall, grime and rap sound, there will be feature collaborations coming out with artists as Gala P, Crawler, and Dialect. Other vocalists Sarantis has worked with are Parly B, Dialect, Bunnington Judah, Bongo Chilli, and he has released on Black Acre, Terminal Dusk labels as well. He has support from a lot of DJs all over the world.

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