Great new mixtape by Phil Battiekh from Switzerland who has been involved in the Egyptian music scene for a few years now. The mixtape takes in stuff from the Egyptian scene from dudes like Maurice Louca, Rozzma, Figo and Islam.

1. Sharraq Rah Tegharrab (It Will Set)- Maurice Louca feat. Alaa 50
2. Mahragan El Samakeen – Oka w Ortega
3. unknown – Figo & Islam Cheetohs
4. Al-Mallahat (Salt Pans)- Maurice Louca
5. Raqset El Fada (Dance of Space) – Omar Khorshid
7. Brinsss (برنس)- Rozzma
8. Youniverse – Machine Drum
9. El Ragl Da – Al Madfa3geya
10. Al-‘Asr Adh-Dhahabi (The Golden Age)- Maurice Louca

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