We first encountered Dj’s Di Ghetto back in 2010 even though by that time they’d be going for quite a while creating some wild Tarraxo beats.

They received a renaissance in 2013 when Marfox collated and released a bunch of old material dating back to 2006 on the Principe label.

They were made up of 6 members, some of whom we have since released on our label including Dj Marfox and Dj NK. The other members were Dj Foxfuxo, Dj Jesse, Dj Pausas and this man, one of my faves, Dj Nervoso and they started out in the early/mid 2000’s. They are all Portuguese based and drew inspiration from Angolan Dj Znobia’s Tarraxinha creations

So, this dude is a bit of a legend and he’s just dropped some awesome new tracks that are as intriguing as a lot of his older material. The Abubu & Braba tracks tho’!!!!!

This is ORIGINAL 100%:

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