Stumbled upon this truly amazing collection of mixtapes oozing everything you want in a series after having checked out DJ Haram as one of her mixes features amongst this great collection by Browntourage.

Browntourage is a creative crew producing diversity of aesthetics and conscious recreation. You can find out a lot more about them HERE.

I’m really impressed by this Mixtape collection and the range of artists they have featured on it, most of whom (embarassingly) are all new to me.


You’ve already met DJ Haram from my previous post and she’s dropped an awesome mixtape for them.


There’s another by Iranian, Yasi aka Jasmine Safaeian, a photographer and DJ currently living in Los Angeles.


Then there’s 8ulentina, of Turkish heritage, and Foozool, an Iranian-Armenian and their mixtape is a collaborative visual experience and a way to share stories about identity and healing inter-generational trauma.


Jeepneys is a music, video, and performance artist based in Los Angeles and she drops another, the second in the volume.


Maieli (pronounced Mah-yell-eee) AKA Yung Honeychild, a Beat maker / Hip shaker / & Real down to Mars girl from LA via New Delhi, a producer in her own right drops one featuring mainly cool female artists starting with one of my all-time fave tracks and Nancy Ajram too!!!.


Finally, there’s the first of the series by DJ J^QI SP^RRO.

I’ll be listening to all of these for the next few weeks on a loop, trust:

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