When I started to publish at blog Funk na Caixa, the baile funk culture was talking with electro and maximal. For me, was a perfect combination: 130 BPM, electro synths and baile funk vocals. But, in 2010/2011, the trap became so much popular, that producers started to recreate neo baile on trap beats. I didn’t like it. I like 130. BUT, guess who is back?

Favela Terror is a compilation by Funk na Caixa and Dirty Kidz Gang. The idea here is to show the brazilian interpretation about jungle terror. We asked for 4 producers to show it: Viní, Ruxell, Flying Buff and Citizen Kannot – who had support by Mc Maromba and Mc R1.


I’m very suspicious to say, but there is 4 great songs. Each track show a different influence for jungle terror. Flying Buff dropped heavy and fast beats ; Ruxell mixed the original vocals of baile funk with trap and fast beats; Viní used all horns from baile funk, in a 2015 style and Citizen Kannot produced with vocals of Mc Maromba and R1, to most close jungle track.

All material is for free download here. And I can tell: baile funk is changing, and more fresh tracks we will listen by producers from favela.


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