I’ve been a bit blown away by some of the Artists who featured on the Browntourage Mixtape series we blogged yesterday and so I thought I’d shine some more singular spotlight on some of them.

Next up is Filmaker, Creative Producer, Curator and Resident DJ @rocksteady, Foozool, another Oakland artist who hails from San Francisco. She’s another who is destined for more really interesting & brighter things in the future.

This Iranian/Armenian Wedding mix containing a lot of her own edits just killed me:


Leila Forouhar – “Arezooye Asheghan” (foozool edit)
Sirusho – “PreGomesh” (foozool edit)
Barobax – “Soosan Khanoom”
George Tutunjian – “Es Gisher Hamparstum E” (foozool edit)
Muradian Ensemble – “Shalakho” (foozool edit)
Leila Forouhar – “Aroosi” (foozool edit)
Nune Yesayan – “Khorodig Morodig” (foozool edit)

She’s also a producer doing mash ups and bonker edits of American R&B, Hip Hop and Armenian & Persian Pop. Check these out:

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