It’s pretty rare to come across much Indie Rock from the Middle East and so when you find it, you need to shed some light on it, Let There Be Light.

Here’s something that one of our favourite experimental Egyptian artists Maii Waleed has uplaoded to Soundcloud, an EP from a band she worked with in 2008 called Samaka. It’s an EP soaking in flavours as diverse as from the likes of The Sundays, Natalie Merchant, The Pixies, Joni Mitchell and more.

I’m loving this!!!

Samaka سمكة EP Recorded in Fig Leaf Studio, Alexandria in summer of 2008

All music and lyrics by Shady El Garf and Maii Waleed except ‘Betbossely Keda Leih’ music and lyrics by Maii Waleed

Samaka سمكة :
Maii Waleed: vocals and keyboard
Shady El Garf: guitar and vocals
Samir Nabil: guitar
Sameh Nabil: drums

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