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A weird tropical incident has just occurred. There are cow bells ringing and guiros shaking. From the remotest confines of the jungle, La Selva is very proud to present the new version of Sexy Saturday Cumbia.

We are a collective from Uk / France, resident in Madrid. We listen to cumbia in all its shapes and sizes; from the most traditional on the American continent, to the most bass – face inducing, most space-travelling, to the smoothest, softest rhythms and guiros.

La Selva is three selectors, KayGee, The Silly Tang, and Coconutah. We started loving Cumbia through a variety of influences, the two most important being bass music and reggae, but we enjoy other styles of music too (rumours abound we like disco!).

One of the founding goals of La Selva was to use our various projects (La Selva Radioshow) to promote, and to provide exposure to, the least visible side of the tropical music scene. As well as enjoying more mainstream artists´ work in all its glory, we believe that many surprises lurk in the deep, dark outernational jungle.

It`s in this capacity that we are excited to now be presenting this blog once a month – we want to sow the cumbia seed further, we want it to grow, so that more people can eat its fruits and discover its tropical delights.

In contrast to many other genres of music, many of these delights are immediately available for free download, or via a small fee for a digital version (or amazing record), it`s an even greater pleasure to be spreading the love.

Part of the very nature of cumbiadelic existence is the discovery of an incredible amount of new cumbia – influenced sounds. So returning from the summer holidays has been accompanied by many new cheeky pleasures, including new albums/eps by some of our favourite producers of the moment.

All three members of La Selva will submit selections every month. So here it goes, some new tunes and some of our favourites from over the summer.



COCONUTAH selected:


Rolando Bruno – a 5 años de aca (bigote rebajadito remix)

If you heard and liked the old-school psychedelic original from Rolando Bruno last year, you will be grooving right into this deft little number, as it manages to maintain the catchy guitar melodies and themes of the original, while infusing it with tropical beats and bass. This is sure to please both more traditional cumbialists and chicha freaks, as well as those aiming for the dancefloor.


Bistech – KUMBALE EP

This freshly released EP is a must hear, with 3 very different vibes coming out of each tune. The first, Al grito de fiesta, is a grooving cumbia riddim with hypnotic synths, Munky bringing the party lyrics. The other two tunes are deeper, Pussy being a deep Cumbia bass with a reggae tang – really love this one – while Intraterrestre goes into the earth to a very deep place. Ride the cumbia waves.


La Sonora Dinamita – No Te Pongas Bravo (RCA edit)

RCA (Real Cumbia Activa) is back with another banging edit, here remixing a classic from La Sonora Dinamita. As is often the case in RCA´s tunes, it comes at you slowly with a rebajado vibe, but proceeds to pound you with relentless cumbia beats that any tropical fan will adore! Again, this is one with something for cumbia lovers of all types. We want more!


Coconutah – Welcome to the Jungle

The newest offering from myself Coconutah, this tune takes you to the great outdoors, and will make you want to book a flight to the amazon jungle. Starting with a catchy vocal sample, it blends traditional instrumentation with bare, floor shaking bass and a hard cumbia beat, leading to total immersion into the wild.


Rafael Aragon – Meecztow Revolution (Turbo Cumbia Balkanica)

Our friend and cumbia killer Rafael Aragon returns with this remix out on VLAD. The tune takes a step towards faster, grittier Cumbia beats, and is certainly a proven killer on the dancefloor at 04:00 am. Blending a rapid, unremitting cumbia-techno drive with fresh and funky Balkan flavours, this will get anyone and everyone jumping around. Cumbia and Balkan have always gone hand in hand – here both combine their party elements to dancefloor perfection.


Lascivio Bohemia – La Danza del Cóndor

Lovely melodic cumbia from Lascivio bohemia, a tune dedicated to South America Pre Columbus 1492. Sharp synths mix with a steady cumbia swing to create a beautiful atmosphere. It makes you think of flying away like a condor.


KAYGEE selected:


El Búho – Cumbias de Oro

Released on one of the labels of the moment, Frente Bolivarista, this is a true journey through Latin America with El Búho’s amazing touch on each of the 14 tunes he chooses to remix. Each and every time, El Búho creates a chilled and floaty atmosphere whilst keeping in tune with the traditional roots of the original version. My personal favourite is his remix of Grupo Kual, although the whole album is definitely a must hear.


Dj Masaya – Arisco EP

I was really happy to hear news from DJ Masaya a few months ago that he was working on his first EP, and was glad to see it released 2 weeks ago. The first 4 tracks offer a great combination of marimbas, accordions, keyboards, and chants, fused with electronic sounds and basslines. The last 2 tracks are two cool remixes that also get a dancefloor moving. You can definitely feel that Dj Masaya’s latin background (he is from Guatemala) added to the new sounds he must be surrounded with now in Stockholm.


Barda – Gruta

This brand new release on Fertil Discos is amazing. Barda explores the deeper and more atmospheric sides of the scene, as potent drums and heavy basslines mix with organic sounds and beautiful vocals. At times minimalist, but always in an elegant manner, this is what you will find and enjoy once you press play. The label describes it as a “mental journey through argentine caves and scenery”. Light up and enjoy!


Derrok & Vruno – Gunnii EP

About a month ago, we had the pleasure of hearing this EP, released on Aires Music. I had always felt there were similarities between Derrok´s, Vruno´s and Rodrigo Gallardo’s releases, and so was really happy to hear this EP to discover their joint atmospheres. They bring a sound that is slightly more techno – influenced, fusing beautiful traditional melodies and sounds. I particularly enjoyed the use of the flute in Remisión Espontánea, and loved hearing Rodrigo Gallardo’s remix of it. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys!


Rodrigo Gallardo – Agua de la Tierra

Talking of Rodrigo Gallardo, producer and musician of Matanza, I had to mention the incredible release, which he dropped on the also incredible label QTZLCTL. We’ve moved a little further from cumbia to arrive to what they refer to as Andes Step. I think that’s a great definition. Hit play and enjoy his 2 tunes, as well as another beautiful remix from Nicola Cruz.

By the way, look out for new Nicola Cruz album dropping soon. Been waiting for this one for the past year, enjoying beautiful pre-releases like Colibria, for which they have actually just done a new video clip:

And talking about new video clips, please take a look at our good friend DJ Caution’s new video clip for his great tune Cholula; video and drawing by Leandro Mosco:


THE SILLY TANG selected:


Drake & Dinamarca – 10 elasticos

N.A.F.F.I is a brand new collective from Mexico, coming up with some of the newest, most experimental, and exiting new sounds in the American continent. This particular track is very dark and very much reminds me of a lot of the early dubstep by of the hands of Pinch, Loefah etc…

On a dancefloor level, I think it creates a very personal vibe for all dancers, and just about settles that time where the party goes to the next level.


Balkan Riddims – Sensimilia (Dj Inko Remix)

My good friend Dj Inko has done it again, with a fresh and summery tune that had us all grooving this summer. Whether on the beach in Croatia, in an intimate Madrid club, or in a hyped-up spot in London, this song has made the Cumbia charts this summer. Amazingly produced, and with a very down to earth touch, the vibe is guaranteed to get the party (or after party) rolling.


Lascivio Bohemia – Pachamama San Cumba

Once more, and again and again: following his earlier releases on Regional label, Lascivio Bohemia has hit us with this fresh and groovy track. Slightly more minimal than the normal cumbia I tend to play, the quality of the mix and the air in this track have made it one of my favourites to come out this summer. A perfect track for an intro or mid-set chiller. I deeply recommend that you check out all his works, as he always unleashes true passion and vibes.


Motin – Fauna

The last tune on this monthly review from myself is from the mighty Motin on Discos Peligros. A tune called Fauna which I´m sure can get all of us thinking of the new ClapClap sound! This whole Ep is so fresh and fruity, it will get you through the end of the summer thinking you are still sipping on a mojito! With each release, Motin´s production levels just keep getting higher, as his work finds its way to a maestro sound.


 We hope you´ve enjoyed our first selection for Sexy Saturday Cumbia, and rest assured we´re already selecting for our next one. Please send us any submissions / or feedback / or anything else you would like to throw at us straight to our facebook account, La Selva !

Something we would like to mention is our weekly radio show – every Tuesday, from 20:00 to 22:00 (GMT + 1) – on It always features an original tropical section where many of the tunes above will be played. Get locked in!!

This coming Tuesday 20/10, catch an exclusive set by DJ Nirso, all the way from Brazil, on la Selva radio.

Dj Nirso :: MDF en la selva

(click on image for more info)


A bailar !!!!!!

See you next month !

La Selva




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