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Who are the people behind the world’s most important new initiatives in music right now? Who is doing what and where can you find them? That is what the ‘Trailblazers’ series wants to spotlight. With URL Future Fest 2015 coming three weeks from now, the third session the man behind the platform, label and collective URL FUTURE: Corey Stetzer a.k.a. Unknown Artist. URL Future connects net-publishing with real-time sharing and experiencing music in the virtual club environment of a formula which is there to stay.

Corey, nowadays a multi-talented artist – dj, producer, designer and promoter – based in Buffalo (NY, USA), is a concept-developer at heart. He started hosting events as young as age 14, in the small town called Springville where he grew up, at a local community center known as Springville Center of the Arts. The music was metal/punk… He has been bringing music people together ever since.

In the early 2010s, while working at Soundlab for touring acts such as Deerhunter or Melt Banana, he started a collective called West Coast NY Bass Music. In those days, Corey was already looking to start an open sourced project to involve underexposed labels, collectives and producers. Trying find his place in the chaotic music world, he got involved in the Future Garage/2-Step/UK Dubstep/Grime room at, the original precursor of, where he found a home among like-minded spirits. It was a time when many people started to launch their own labels on the web. The combination of netlabel-culture and the real-time music sharing experience at, evolved into the URL Futurefest, a 4 DAY IRL/URL CAMPOUT, first held in the summer of 2014. The try-out, set up to be small, turned out to attract over 900 producers, 32 labels and a steady number of about 500 viewers throughout the festival, virtually out of nowhere.

In Spring of 2015 Corey founded the Greater Buffalo Collective: a non-profit organization aimed towards higher thinking, healthy choices for yourself as well as the world around you. The collective hosted two IRL Festivals and have planned future events for 2016, including a collaberation with the Aquarium of Niagara in the spring. Most recently, they have teamed up with the Silent Disco Event Company ´SE²´ which will be involved in many upcoming irl and url events.

GB: It seems you know a huge lot of people, the moniker Unknown Artist almost sounds ironic..

UA: Well, Unknown Artist started back in 2009, when I was in the UK bass (garage/2-step/dubstep/grime) room of turntable fm, a platform with virtual rooms where you could chat and play music to each other at the same time. During that time people would upload direct to If u didn’t meta-tag your tracks you were “unknown artist”. So that’s where I got my start.

Also I wanted to stay away from the modern spotlight.

GB: Do you still see yourself as part of the UK bass movement?

UA: As a producer, my style of music is atmospheric trill/juke mixed with hybrid hegemon and future bass. I’m inspired by all kinds of melodic and mysterious bass music. Think about names like Dj Paypal, DJ Rashad and the whole teklife crew, spf420 and all the weird and wonky producers making it big on URL Future Worldwide.

As a music promoter, the whole netlabel world gets me. STYLSSSublimated Sounds, Shoeboxxx RecordingsAppliedPhysicsSunset WavesS o m i c o, 710 Records, the list is endless. And so many of them are doing great stuff, but most of all my true fam for ever Lush Selects.

GB: We interviewed you last year about the URL FUTURE platform, what has changed since then?

UA: I guess the biggest change this year is more organization more structure and we have more experience with making the experience a little easier, more accessible to participate. Music events are a great fun way to bring people together to rally around, learn and give back to the community. Everything is always a big mystery. Sometimes it works, sometimes it flops.


Unknown Artist behind the IRL decks

GB: And music-wise? Is there a direction you feel you’re going into.. fresh sounds you pushed recently that really stick out?

UA: Dead Stare and their insane sounds still have me in shock. Also Dj Metadata‘s EP was crazy. Dj FLP and Shinji also had very unique and eccentric sounds and EndlosKosmos was super futuristic! But somehow it all fits, it’s the internet and online culture that seems to bind us together. When it comes to Futurefest it’s just so mysterious I try not even taking a peak. I trust it’s all good. But Craigomaniac‘s ‘Cosmic Resonance‘ is definitely one of my all time favourites haha.

GB: What’s coming up for you after the Fest?

UA: There’s a new URL FUTURE website coming soon, the site is temporarily offline, but it will be back soon and huge! After the festival we will continue with Biweekly URL Events. Our own label activities will also be resumed, with EP/LP release signups reopened in January. We plan on hosting tons of IRL events as well, and possibly a Silent Disco Tour During Halloween 2016!


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