şambaba : Arabesque*16 Mashup


Some awesome old skool Turkish vybz here fused with contemporary electronica & dub, you already know that this kind of stuff always appeals to me especially when it is straight from the place of origin, more than most things nowadays.

It’s all been put together by an artist based in Istanbul, Turkey who goes by the name of şambaba.

Champion Rocka – Savage Plastic Cult [Bringing consciousness back into bass music]


The world is steadily sinking into an ever more terrifying spiral of hate, war mongering, terror, climate disasters and economic disintegration. And as we see it happening in front of us, we think we save the world by posting memes, layering our facebook picture with a flag or liking a protest page before we continue to keep up with the Kardashians, taking selfies and get dressed for the partaaaaaaaay. The music we enjoy,the booze and the drugs are for many an escape from reality, a fantasy world in which everything is alright or where the only thing that counts is our hotness-factor.

As a musician, creating and delivering the music that fuel such parties and lifestyles can be depressing. Faux rebellion sells. It makes you edgy and sexy. But as soon as you enter the territory of reality, you cross a line, since that is precisely what people want to escape from .and it takes courage to make a track that really intends to shake people out of their comfort zones.

That is precisely what the New York based, rock-minded bass alrounder Champion Rocka intended to do. As he himself says:

I believe it is an ARTISTS’ RESPONSIBILITY to REFLECT the TIMES they are living in. Imagine JOHN LENNON, BOB MARLEY or BOB DYLAN not chronicling their eras. I don’t see that happening right now. With all the TURMOIL and VIOLENCE happening across the GLOBE I fear most artist are staying silent, and are shirking their duty. So it is my responsibility to say something. SAVAGE PLASTIC CULT is me documenting these times.

The track unfolds as a powerful dark twerk banger, leading up to the a classic grunge-rock anthem flavoured chorus, sung by the producer himself, that repeats like a protest slogan:

“We are a savage plastic cult the bigger we are the harder they fall and there is no use taking us on, cause we are CULT!”

The energetic synths truly manage to transform the bouncing energy usually aimed to incite twerking to tug at your consciousness and press your nose into the mirror of your life and the world around you. But with this seed of consciousness planted into your soul, you can still dance to it like never before at the same time!

Follow Champion Rocka:





Essential EP’s #8


While I was working on the URL FUTUREFEST, a whole new series of releases has shaken the music world, continuing the transformation that has taken place this year. And they keep coming. By the end of the year, I’ll make a selection of the most essential releases of the entire year, that will show how music itself has become redefined this year as well as the ways of speaking about music. I’m starting to believe the whole habit of dividing things into decades makes no sense any more. Over the last five years, things have been accelerating towards a singularity point and we’re now beyond it. There are no bandwagons anymore, no genres, no next-big-things. Even labels and blogs are transforming into something different. And this all mainly due to the avant-garde club scene and neighbouring movements that we’ve only seen the beginning of just yet.

1. Oracles Divination II

Oracles is the new label based in Houston, curated by SINES, one half of the duo Santa Muerte who are one of our favourite acts right now. With Oracles, the approach of avant-garde club with a dark twist is extended by bringing different artists together who all contribute to this concept in their own unique way. Divination II is their second big compilation (the first one came out via THUMP a year ago) that contains both original mixes and remixes by a diverse number of artists.

Next to Santa Muerte, who open the compilation with a breathtakingly dark witch-trap prayer to La Niña Blanca, there is the experimental ambient grime-techno from WWWINGS, Morten HD‘s melodic deconstructed dembow, and the surreal-dark edits from the Portuguese producer BLASTAH. Oracles bridges the avant garde club scene with the innovative energy in the new generation of dark music and is by doing this one of the most forward looking initiatives out there!



2. Kamixlo Demonico EP

Now we also blogged Kamixlo‘s mix for DAZED Digital, there’s little chance you missed Demonico EP. But in case you did, here again big love for one the defining releases from one of the most promising artists today.

Like Santa Muerte, Kamixlo too fuses latin, dembow based tropes with dark flavoured club music but even in a more outspoken way. Here it gets full blown industrial, with distorted kicks and hard hitting snares in a way that remind of the hardcore inspired Doombahton compilation that came out earlier this year. But this is on such a higher level that no comparison to any other thing can do justice to it.

The 5 track EP starts with ‘Otra Noche’, a haunted ambient tune with a deformed vocal from the reggaeton classic with the same name, now sounding like bubbling up out of the swamps of the underworld and dissolving into a mechanical dystopia. ‘Paleta‘, has been somewhat of an anthem in the underground club scene this summer. It has been up on the artist’s soundcloud since the beginning of this year and was taken off at some point as the EP based upon it was being materialised. A motive hidden in the titles is the inspiration in wrestling, a sports which the producer also practices and aspires to combine with music. In a recent interview with Thump, Kamixlo explains that ‘Splxcity’, my favourite track of the EP, is made to give the listener the experience of undergoing suplexes while ‘Lariat’ subjects you to a lariat attack from a wrestler à la Stan Hansen. Kamixlo does not only bring entirely unique sound into underground club music but also challenges established ways of experiencing and enjoying music.

The EP was released on the Berlin based label PAN and it’s new sublabel CODES, curated by the British grime producer Visionist, who also features with a remix of ‘Lariat’.

>> BUY HERE <<


BUGA (not to be confused with Sello Regional’s El Buga) is a relatively new name in the underground club scene (at least, to my own limited knowledge), whose earliest but immediately mindblowing soundcloud tracks are from the beginning of this year. Most tracks breath the air of the new wave of contemporary-futuristic tech aesthetics such as sports cars, motorbikes, metallic gear and sportswear, expressed into dystopian, mechanistic ambient-club and grime. PLUG-IN HYBRID EP bundles this exciting creative potential into a recognisable signature project, with three original productions and remixes from Classical Trax family members Morten HD, EVAA, LHTL and Vaphoree.


4. Toxe Muscle Memory EP

The Swedish club producer Toxe is one of the 6 most close affiliates of the Stockholm avant-garde label Staycore117 and this is her first solo release on the label. The EP is cryptic in terms of how it should be interpreted and I haven’t been able to get behind it. Muscle memory is a phenomenon in physiology and sports that repeated muscle movements become automatic over time. The cover design contains some allusions to fleshiness of muscles in an alienating, surreal way. Also, the line between the avant-garde club scene and the health goth movement aesthetics and wider culture, which particularly reflects on sports and our bodily existence, is thin. In the words of Adam Harper in The Fader, quoting Wyat Schaffer:

“…relies on an anti-nostalgic dystopian present,” providing “an ethos of mythologizing our technological present” and that “it may be hyper-masculine on the surface, betraying a distinctively sus interior of body-mechanized cyborgian humanity within… reimagining the present future by mocking self-awareness as a Humanist project of little efficacy.”

Yet I have no idea whether this philosophical environment is in any way related to this EP as a source or inspiration or otherwise but nevertheless it creates an ambient of dystopian, cyborgian existence in five original tracks that once again show the boundary pushing energy of the Stockholm scene.


5. Classical Trax Jamz!

Classical Trax, which we introduced last month, is the community where the future of music is being determined this year, in the midst of the total overhaul in all of culture that is taking place this year. They are multifunctional. Not a label, not a blog but a community of people who together shape music and culture for the future. Nevertheless, they’ve become ever more focused on releasing music from their community, especially with their frequent compilations which we will be keeping track of as much as possible, picking the best and most representative things that come out. Jamz! is such an essential compilation with as many as 21 tunes that display the diverse energy that’s coming from their community.

Especially notable are the experimental arabic club tune from the Tunisian producer Deena Abdelwahed, Ida Dillan‘s dark-melancholic techno-flavoured track and the electrifying industrialism from one of our current favourite producers: Monotronique!


6. Pineal Sounds Blue Satin Vol.1

One of the imminent dangers in the avant-garde club/trax scene as it is blowing up right now is that its sound will start degenerating into a formula that people follow simply to be part of the expected success of the movement. I can’t say this is happening right now already but it’s nevertheless refreshing to see how labels and collectives actively resist the formation of fixed formulas and keep releasing compilations where no track really sounds alike.

Pineal Sounds’ first volume of the Blue Satin Compilation series is a perfect example of this resistance. The diversity in rhythms ranges between kuduro, dembow, trap/trillwave (in such a refreshing way as if it had never existed..), techno, oldschool rave, 00s hiphop and Jersey club, alternately flavoured with dark ambient, grime, dreamy or mechanical.



7. ESCAPE FROM NATURE EFN Sound Library Volume 1

Escape from Nature is a new avant-garde label established by the New York based forward looking producer Orlando Volcano, also focused on this same resistance to fixed formula’s. In their own words:

EFN observes, disregards and redefines the boundaries of what club music is and what it can be. The label acts as a space where club music’s functionality and intention can be debated and reconsidered. Why let a space that formed a genre dictate its future?

Escape From Nature showcases the most contemporary music possible, exploring the possibilities of the technology on offer to us.

EFN Sound Library Volume 1 is the first in an upcoming series of compilations from a wide range of artists in the club music underground. Unlike the Blue Satin one, this compilation is not just cross-genre diverse but much more experimental, trippy and less directly accessible for dancefloor audiences. With tracks such as 2lanes‘ dystopian-ambient jazzy flavoured opening track or KOH-IZT‘s (= Wet x Orlando Volcano) uncagtegorisable melodic experimentalism, club music becomes an artistic experience just as much as a nightlife thing as music is commonly experienced.

>> BUY HERE <<

8. This is Kuduro A Compilaçao Vol.2

Generation Bass has a long history of promoting the energetic Angolan dance genre kuduro and it’s always great to see new underground initiatives taking continuing to push genres after hypes fade away in the blogosphere. This Is Kuduro is such exciting new initiative which brings together artists from different scenes all over the world who are interested in kuduro. A major part of the producers affiliated to the platform are from the Portuguese underground scene, but the reach extends to Mexico (ChuCko), Chile (MiloMilo), home-base Angola (Nova Margem) and France (Zee Reech), equally spotlighting unknown talent and established names.

This Is Kuduro brings together the different flavours and approaches the genre has involved into since its origins and shows it’s there to stay for the future!


9. Ian Solow Machine Gun Zouk EP

Zouk bass has undergone a similar wave of attention rise and fall, and especially with the arrival of the Portuguese tarraxo underground that went more into the direction of techno and underground club music than the established ‘bass’ formula, or Generation Bass’ own melodic ‘future tarraxo’, it was hard to discern at some point whether zouk bass was an actual genre and where its boundaries are. Still producers have been trying to re-invent the genre almost from the scratch, carving out a new space, free from the worn-out formulas of EDMified global bass but also subtly different and refreshing from the new waves of underground sounds. The La Brousse crew with Photo Romance and Ian Solow taking the lead, have been particularly important for this.

Machine Gun Zouk EP is the outcome of this re-creation of a zouk bass from the future. Aesthetically and thematically inspired by post-internet underground genres such as vapor-trap and tumblr and musically building on dancehall and DnB, this is zouk bass as if it had never existed as a hype. Nidia Minaj adds the flavour of the Portuguese ghetto tarraxo, while Jurassic Fight Club draws in hypnotising arabic influences and trap. Fautre‘s kuduro, Chris Dogzout x CZuR‘s hyped up tuki-trap and Photo Romance’s mellow zouk grooves definitievely put zouk bass back into the multi-genre palette of music for the future.


10. Brunswick Sound Brunswick Sound Vol.1

This is a third underground-club compilation that would have fitted more with the Blue Satin and Escape from Nature ones but for the sake of variation in the post I prefered to spread it out a bit. This is definitely the most energetic and the darkest of the three underground club compilations. Here less explicit references to genres like reggaeton, baile funk or kuduro as most tracks lean most heavily on grime. Still the sound diversity and creative potential is enormous.

To my very own shame, I don’t know and can’t seem to find out a lot of background information about this label but it comes across as an essential voice in the critical area in music today, where the current, futuristic approach to grime merges with ‘club music’. Don’t sleep on this!


11. RECKLESS Rotterdam Promo EP1

For some reason the playlist with all tracks has been taken off the producer’s soundcloud. So I can’t show it in it’s entirety. RECKLESS is the new project of the 17 year old Rotterdam based producer formerly known as Sambo. As Sambo, he was mainly involved in the Dutch EDM scene, jungle terror in particular. With RECKLESS he teamed up with a befriended producer to form a duo who are now exploring the wave of afrobeats & afrohouse that is currently a big hit in the major cities. This EP is the first step into that direction and from my own personal taste I’d say compared to jungle terror and bigroom, this is most definitely a promising improvement.

Check out this promo track of the EP, dedicated to the popular sound of contemporary Rotterdam. The entire EP can be downloaded for free via the link, with inside an exciting collab with Generation Bass favourite DJ LyCox!



12. Lush SelectsLUSH 002

It’s almost permanently stormy weather in the netlabel underground, with new labels, collectives and initiatives popping up like mushrooms while others swiftly disappear or slowly bleed to death. Lush Selects is an impressive example of  the exact opposite. Since their establishment they have invested so much in community building and personal contact that they are now a slowly but continuously growing, solid community. We blogged their first compilation in March this year and said that it showed perfectly how the concept of ‘future beats’ or ‘future bass’ could be pushed free of fixed formulas, hypes or EDM-like pretentions. Similarly as I am considering now with the avant-garde club movement. In fact I think that these two movements can learn a lot from each other and in some ways this is already happening.

Here the second volume of their compilation series with the most creative post-hiphop, ambient juke and dreamy eclectic bass music. Especially notable are fortyforty‘s Latin flavoured, morning phone-alarm-esque experimentalism, Blak Trash‘ intense, wavy dream-hop and Roche Limit‘s apocalyptic deep ambient dub.


Producer Dom Magoo is raising the rasterinha beat!



Since born of rasterinha beat, many producers worked with this “down-tempo” funk carioca. Serious, slow down 130 to 96 is a hard mission, but many global producers were familiar with it and explored many ways to work with the rasterinha beat. One of them is the younger producer Dom Magoo.


With only 18, Dom Magoo spend time taking attention with global community. The main reference for him is Tropkillaz and Major Lazer, and maybe for that reason, this remix to single “Põe a Mão Pra Cima” sound so fresh.

The original song is a mix of rasterinha and ragga, with amazing vocals of Mc Jimmy Luv and MC Sistah mó Respect, but when twerk comes up, sound better! Difficult to say this is a remix, not the original.

Grab this awsome remix for Free Here. This release is a partnership of Funk na Caixa and Dirty Kidz Gang.

Enjoy the track and support Dom Magoo at Soundcloud, also check this other f*cking remix of rasterinha song “Na ponta ela fica”.




Art by Tropi Delia


Sexxy Saturday Cumbia with La Selva is back!!

There is always a surge of excellent music as the winter kicks in – this year has not been any different. The scene we all love is blessed with an incredible diversity of influences, as new sounds emerge on a regular basis and we are hit by new cumbia bombs relentlessly. This month, our cumbia round up covers the full spectrum of flavours, from the folkloric to the dubby, from the dancefloor killer to the swinging rebajada. We hope you enjoy the selection!


KayGee selected:

Nicola Cruz – Prender el Alma (ZZK Records)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been waiting for this album to drop ever since the first few extracts of it started appearing here and there in different mixtapes  over a year ago. Was the wait worth the while? Hell yes¡! This is one beautiful journey through the andes with a hint of sub and some deep basslines! I was also happy to discover songs that I’d never heard before, like Equinoccio ft. Huaira and Cocha Run aft. Tanya Sanchez which once again show Nicola Cruz’s talent, and his ability to create his own atmosphere with his use of delayed guitars, a very deep low end, accompanied by organic sounding percussions and beautiful lyrics. If you don’t have a copy of this, grab it now! And keep an eye out for Nicola Cruz live shows as he is just finishing his tour.

Meanwhile, you can also enjoy this brand new video of Colibria LIVE ft. Huaira:


Tribilin Sound – Octavio EP (Regional)

I’ve always been a very big fan of Tribilin Sound, his progressive and minimal yet potent production always amaze me. For this EP, Regional Label brought together 9 other artists to remix Tribilin Sound’s ‘La Cumbia de Octavio’, a song dedicated to his son Octavio David for his first bitrthday.

With names like Señor Chancho, Papi Pérez, Freddy Da Stupid Broken Edition, BeatFunk, Pigmalião, El Catorce Dash Slktr, Murúa and DJ Ground on the list, this was definitely going to be interesting; and it’s truly amazing. We have the pleasure of hearing 9 completely different approaches to this tune, with my personal favourite: Sr Chancho’s dubbed out version !!!


El Búho – Cenotes EP (Wonderwheel Recordings)

El Búho seems to be a recurrent artist for me in these posts. He never stops to astonish me with his many mixtapes, in which I discover an incredible amount of music, notwithstanding the quantity of music that he releases. I mentioned his new album last month, ‘Cumbias de Oro’ on Frente Bolivarista, and would now like to present to you his debut EP on the amazing record label Wonderwheel Recordings: ‘Cenotes’. Now located in Mexico City, El Búho offers us 5 beautiful tracks where “lush tropical vibes clash with ambient soundscapes, deep bass, and folkloric innerworkings” (Wonderwheel Recordings).


Deela – Ghost of the Cumbia (Cocotaxi Remix) (Shango Records)

Aie aie aie! Another heavy heavy remix by the great duo from Stockholm, Cocotaxi. The original version is already cumbia orientated but with a ‘housier’ touch to it. Cocotaxi have taken the Cumbia vibes forward, given it a potent rhythm and brought the tune to the tropical dancefloor! The flute/gaita just hits the spot when it appears. This remix appears on an EP by Shango Records with another remix from Larry Skg. Massive thanks to both of them for sending their remix to La Selva.

We will have the pleasure of seeing Cocotaxi in Madrid on December 18th with Dengue Dengue Dengue, and los Candeleros in one of Madrid’s many tropical parties organised by Guacamayo Tropical. And amongst the tropical rumors, I’ve heard some about Cocotaxi stopping off in our Selva Radio Studios?!


La Mecánica Popular – Móntame en la Tormenta (Names You Can Trust)

Some will say that it’s a risky thing to remix or do a version of a classic, and some will say that it’s very risky to do so with the Doors. Many have failed, but here, La Mecánica Popular simply nailed it! This “Amazonian cumbia” version is simply perfect! It keeps the psychedelic vibes and guitars, with perfectly layered guiros and cowbells, offering us a “beautifully dark and shadowy trip into the heart of la selva.“ This was released on 7” Vynil on the label Names You can Trust, with another version from La Mecánica Popular of the all time Michael Jackson Classic ‘Thriller’.


Negro Dub – Cumbia Wall

Talking about remixing classics, Negro Dub just did a wicked chilled-out Cumbia version of Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd). Proper dubbed out, echoed vibes in this one, with a catchy cumbia rhythm and tropical percussions, and the lovely guitar solo.


Cassette Blog 5th Anniversary

Cassette Blog have just dropped a Tropical Bomb on us with 4 incredible compilations, more than 100 tunes, to celebrate their 5th Anniversary, and as usual, for free !

Va-Vuelta al mundo en globo vol 1 y vol 2 (compiled by Chancha Vía Circuito)

Va- I want your riddim (compiled by The Ghost)

Va-Food for animals (compiled by Tropikore)

Va-Tonos de la marimba (compiled by Rafa Caivano de Frikstailers)

All 4 compilations are very different, and represent very well the sounds of the person who was in charge of compiling them. There are far too many great tunes and a huge amount of new artists for me to mention here: you can click on the above links to download and find all of the related info on all 4 compilations


Bosq – Cumbia en Bahia

Here’s a video of Cumbia en Bahia, a tune from Bosq’s brilliant new album released on vynil last month, Celestrial Strut. You should really check it. It goes from Latin Rhythms to Afrobeat, with a few stops of Disco; an eclectic feeling also found and enjoyed in Bosq’s DJ sessions.

Bosq’s own footage was used in the production and edition of this video, showing us a “slightly psychedelic journey through the beautiful mountains of Colombia captured mostly from bus, jeep & car windows between La Eje Cafetera & Medellin”. It accompanies his track really well, with the traditional sounds and instruments blending in with the beautiful and impressive Colombian landscapes.


SidiRum – “Máncora” // Video Mixtape (Fertil Discos)

Many of today’s musical projects go hand in hand with visual ones, both in live sessions and on the web, taking the whole experience for the crowd/listener/viewer one step further. This is a new series of videomixtapes presented on Fertil Discos; the first one was published a week or so ago with SidiRum’s sounds (both older and forthcoming releases) alongside Bruera’s visuals. “‘Máncora’ is a visual path, marked by a unique style in which deep electronic sounds come along with the most synthetic latin energy”. Find more videomixtapes, other cool projects and beautiful sounds on http://fertildiscos.com/

Last month I mentioned Barda’s new LP, Gruta (released on Fertil Discos). Here’s a video on the makings of the LP recorded in Isla Festival and shared a few weeks back through Remezcla:

Isla Festival is a new festival which took place in September in Arroyo Esperita in Argentina, gathering great artists of the scene (Barda, Barrio indo, Chancha Via Circuito, El Remolon, Iluminate, Jin Yerei, Kaleema, dj Nunsense, Rivas Bowson Orchestra, San Ignacio, SidiRum. Keep an eye out for the next edition in February 2016: http://www.festivalnomade.cl/


Caballito Netlabel Showcase/URL Futurefest 2 0 1 5

Keeping on the whole visual side of things, Caballito teamed up with Wapastream last month and presented their part of the ‘URL Futurefest 2 0 1 5’, with 3 wicked half hour Cumbia & Tropical sets by Kuto Quilla, Bigote and Grita, accompanied by some crazy psychedelic, tribal, futuristic visuals by Wapastream

And keeep your eyes open, I’ve heard rumors that Don Plok, from Guateque Soundz in Buenos Aires is about to drop his first album !! I’ve heard a sneak peak and it sounds eclectically great !


The Silly Tang selected:

 Cumbia China – Caballito Mixtapes – Grita

The master Grita has dropped this new mix on his own label Caballito. This mix can be enjoyed while in the sun with a couple of beers or in a very hedonistic after party surrounded by freaks. I love the way Grita always tries to find this original cumbia sound and the eccentric sounds that come with it.


Tribilin Sound – Cumbia Wax

The one and only Tribilin Sound is back with this track and again it’s a masterpiece. His work is very lineal and very well worked on always! On this Cumbia Wax tune he delivers a very fresh but also psychedelic flavour to the dancefloor. When the little sample from the “Marijuaner0” comes in the tune really gets into its whole depth and groove.


Maguin Diaz Y El Sexteto Gamerano – La Rama De Tamarindo (Dengue Dengue Dengue! Remix) (Konn Recordings)


Again and again Dengue Dengue Dengue keeps bringing us the goodness of both sides, the electro minimal part of the structure and the folk drum sections and samples that bring us back to South America. I hope you will enjoy this remix that came out on Konn” records a few days ago on a big bad sound system !


Pachanga IMx – Son Reebook O Son Nike 2015 Limpia Grupo Maravilla (Low)

Waow waow waow ! This tune has been running through me and my mp3 all month ! Its a great joke that develops into an amazing cumbia track. Big up Pachanga mix for this exelent and creamy cumbia !


Deejay Theory, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Kush Arora – Definitely (Cocotaxi Remix) (Discos Peligrosa)

Cocotaxi who is a an old producer now but has just come to my attention thanks to our Kaygee 😉 Such a huge musical duo they bring out pure killerz everytime but this one really made it for me when we saw Dj Sanbandija de Madrid played it ! Puro flow de los Cocotaxi !


Borchi – La Rasterinha Imperial EP (Cassette Blog)

Before moving to Paris, our good friend Borchi has brought us a very good Ep with many remixes from great producers such as Dj caution and Ckrono & Slesh. But the version which really grabbed me is the remix by Basement freaks. It has pure flow and incredible energy to get all the people rocking it hard!


Con Ese Culazo (Wildsound Bootleg)

This last tune is less cumbia orientated but has some guiro parts and generally has a very Latin feel to it. It is dedicated to the very young “Happy colours”. The producer “WildSound” has dug up his most south American style sample of “culazo” and, inspired by Happy Colours, left us with this very hard hitting, but very efficient version of the new moombahton scene.


Coconutah selected:

 Sun Matt – Cumbia Meets Balkan

This is a nice little surprise: it starts off like a classic digi-cumbia number, and evolves into an original balkan animal dance that boasts cool female vocals and gypsy, middle eastern sounding strings. To top it off, there´s even some farm animals thrown in.


Lagartijeando – Cardos Rodando (Frente Bolivarista)


A brand new, very tasty album, showcasing a variety of beautifully mixed folkloric instruments, layered with a variety of tasteful latin rhythms. A sound inspired by the combination of Andes and the tropical dreams of brazil, switching from “Huaynos” to “Batucadas”, covering a journey between “Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil” , there are some awesome flutes and charangos to be found here, not to mention the rocking percussion and great instruments appearing throughout the album.


Zona Norte – Queen of the Ghetto Ep (Wakan Tanka Records)

Calling all cumbia dub addicts: This is a journey from Argentina to Jamaica and back again, with some amazingly dubbed out tropical sounds – personal favourites are Rasdub (panama) and Kungling (sweden). Big up to the all the producers involved and the always inspiring wakantanka records.


Andres Digital – Sonidero tropical (KUMBALE LP)

Andres Digital has been a repeat offender for making interesting, dancefloor orientated, eclectic music recently. Here he is again with 6 very different remixes, traveling all the way from a jungly denbow version of Currura, to the Arabic flavours of ElMoro, to a more reggae / dub / dancehall influence on the 4 other tunes on the LP. Check it!

Another shout for Kumbale for two new releases on Kumbale:

El Hijo del Misterio – Ocarina Tropical EP:

Some cool Electronic Cumbia tracks, straight from Tijuana Mexico by El hijo del misterio.

And Sudaka bass, a series of great tunes by a varied set of artists. Check their soundcloud.


Sonido Mamalón – Nijé Cahuíhuarachi (Mi Tierra) (Regional)

Regional delivers the goods with another fresh album, this time from Mexican producer Sonido Mamalón. A couple of tunes are accompanied by some good MCs and vocalists, while others go deeper and more rolling. The album is punctuated by some cleverly selected and distributed samples, and there is a definite dedication to the indigenous peoples of northern Mexico running through these sounds…..Niiiice and chilled.


Captain Planet – S.S. Esfahan (Thornato Remix) (Bastard Jazz Recordings)

This is a lovely cumbia influenced oriental dub from Thornato. This is smooth smooth and silky as you like it and will take you for a magic carpet ride. Some nice strings are accompanied by a pounding bassline. This is a great mood setter.


Flor De Ramona (mr.landero Rmx)

A nice remix by Mr.Landero from Buenos Aires, Argentina, this tune has a lovely dubby, future – cumbia atmosphere that really grabs the listener. A blend of new sounds without loosing the flavour of the original, you´re in for a nice trip that will make you want to hear it again.



To finish off this week’s cumbia vibes, you can enjoy a Sound System Style Vintage cumbia mix, all on vynil, released on Regional Label’s series of mixes, by our one and only Silly Tang:


We hope you enjoyed ! Please do not hesitate to contact us online or on air every Tuesday on our Radioshow from Madrid !

Big ups !

la selva LA design

Kamixlo's Dazed Mix


Brixton based, Chilean born producer Kamixlo is someone we’ve been biggin’ up here at Generation Bass for a while through Victor’s posts on Dark Bass and mostly recently some of mine after I heard his brilliant Future Reggaeton track “Paleta” from his recently released “Demonico” EP. All 3 of us Vince. Victor & I are massively into what Kamixlo does and he’s just drop an awesome mix for Dazed which provides an insight into where the future of the Industrial Club underground is heading.

Uli k x Malibu (intro)
Toxe – unreleased
Drippin – Waterfall 999 (SAMI BONETHUGGIN’)
Tink Touched (Why Be late edit)– Mistress
Kablam – ???
Santa Muerte ft. El Blanco Nino – Pal Piso
Angel-Ho – Running with Knives
Kamixlo – Lariat (Visionist remix)
Kamixlo – Lariat
Syymstress ft. Yayoyanoh (vox) – Ryde Out
Kamixlo – Mata Lo
Rules – Raw
Evian Christ – That’s Me
Kamixlo – Contigo
Kamixlo x Lexxi – Demonic Yute (Lexxi VIP)
Why Be – Maverick Dome
Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean (Dark0 Remix)
Kamixlo – Montanadelamuerte
Evian Christ – Terapia
Dinamarca x Toxe – Hexa
Lotic – Banished
Bladee (outro)



8ulentina and Foozool run an influential monthly event in Oakland called Night Forms. It’s a genre-bending dance party that showcases different guest artists each month. Foozool & 8ulentina are the resident djs, and they get to share narratives through music,sounds and live visuals. This month they have Abyss X coming from LA and Helix of the Night Slugs.

Read more about the event in the East Bay Express and their piece “8ULENTINA and Foozool Remix Cultural Exchange”.

Watch this vid featuring music from the likes of our very own Sarantis:

Here some of their great mixes to gear you up for the dancefloor onslaught on the night:

SidiRum : Mentes Unidas (Salvador & ElPeche Remix) [Cumbia ElectroFolkLore]

SidiRum - Mentes Unidas (Salvador & ElPeche Remix)2
SidiRum aka Nico Bruschi is an Argentinian based artist living in Buenos Aires. He is a Generation Bass blog contributor too. He has just dropped this brilliant remix for free.

It’s been remixed by Brazillians El Peche & Salvador and it’s a sublime slice of haunting ElectroFolkLore Cumbia, part South American and part Indian. Listening to the track, it feels as though one is travelling through the wilds of South America and then suddenly transported into mystical lands of the East, India to be precise.

Késhava : Keshob – Burden Of Love [Transnational Dub]


Késhava is from Tallinn, Estonia and he just dropped this deep & amazing Transnational Dub number taking a lot of inspiration from India and Indian mysticism. For all you deep thinkers out there, here’s what he says:

“Dedicate yourself to the ideals of truth, love and purity. Serve your fellow beings. This is the pathway to Supreme blessedness. When somebody takes up a burden of love and shows through that burden of love how he’s caring for others, then others want to help him.”

Késhava says this about himself:

“I live in music & sound. I’ve been into electronic music since 1997. I’m into indian mysticism and esoteric yoga teachings. I draw inspiration from the spiritual spheres and mix it with modern beats like dubstep, digidub and drumstep.”

Check out this beauty:



Our fave Indian Electronic Act drop a great new mystical spoken word number with London Poet Last Mango in Paris that makes you feel like you’re sitting right next to the Ganges listening to an ancient philosopher.

Here’s what it is about:

In the story of the Bhagavad-Gita, the Prince Arjuna is tormented as he drives into battle in his rickshaw, because he might have to kill his brothers. He consults his cross-dressing rickshaw driver, who happens to be the superhero god Krishna in disguise. Krishna busts some lyrics to Arjuna. This track conjures images of early morning ragas by the side of the Ganges.

Produced by – Bandish projekt (Mayur Narvekar)
Words & Poetry – Last Mango In Paris
Vocals Aishwarya Joshi
Flute – Shreyas Dave