No? Well, neither have i – until my friend Marcin from Warsaw (Duze Pe, Masala Soundsystem) showed me Shava Remixes EP the other day, that includes his own. Yes, Finnish bhangra or Suomibhangra exists thanks to Shava! Check this pure transnational something here:



“Last January Finnish “suomibhangra” group Shava released a tune titled “Ostarilla” – which is a simple love song, where the story takes place on a freezing day in a suburban shopping mall. As the weather’s getting even colder this year – together with Barthvader we decided to prepare a remix providing even more hot beats that we send to cold shopping malls all over the world! 😉

If you thought that concept of Finnish Bhangra is not multicultural enough, check out whole remix release – remixes done in UK, Poland and Finland (last one featuring a Cuban rapper) – that’s what we call true internationalism!”

Now check out this EP that features remixes of DJ Emil (remember Baltik Bass?) & Norlan El Misionario, Suki Chand and Duze Pe & Barthvader! —> FREE DOWNLOAD 



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