Stumbled across this awesome mixtape on Foozool’s twitter by this Greek born, USA based Artist, Abyss X.

It’s a mix she did for Novembre Mag which incorporates some awesome Industrial Middle Eastern sections amongst a load of other underground club flava’s.

You can catch her perform Stateside in Oakland at the influential “Nightforms” hosted by 8ulentina & Foozool. Nightforms is a monthly event, a genre-bending dance party that showcases different guest artists each month. 8ulentina & Foozool are the resident djs, and they get to share narratives through music, sounds and live visuals. This month they have Abyss X coming from LA and Helix of the Night Slugs. Check the event flyer below whilst you soak in this delicious mix.


Abyss X also recently dropped a breath-taking Pop/Bass/R&B EP for the Mexican Extasis label who we’ve covered in the past:

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