I’m really loving what DJ Haram aka Abdul Kadir is doing, fucking up Middle Eastern beats with contemporary underground club flava’s, her mixes are awesome and her productions are starting to take shape too. Another great thing about it is that she is a mix of the 2 too, Middle Eastern origins but living in the USA. It just feels right that it’s artists like this doing this kind of stuff and she’s got some really deep and spot on things to say about the scene too.

Head over to Spark Mag and read her interview about “The Struggle for Gear and Global Bass” and you can also hear her new track “Basic” that the site has dropped as an exclusive.

Here’s a snippet of what she is saying about Global Bass and other stuff, head over there to read the rest:

“Sometimes it offers diasporic artists a place to narrate their experience and ideas for themselves. That’s what I try to do with DJ Precolumbian in our #diasporafeels dance party “Stage Fatality.” Global bass maybe has the possibility to be a collaborative narration of solidarity across struggles globally. Not sure yet, though. Global bass can be a lot of white/euro-centric “expertise” in music and theft/degradation of indigenous sounds.”

Here’s another great mix that I’ve been bumping for the past few weeks, this is incredible.  This is part of the future if you ask me:

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