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Sexxy Saturday Cumbia with La Selva is back!!

There is always a surge of excellent music as the winter kicks in – this year has not been any different. The scene we all love is blessed with an incredible diversity of influences, as new sounds emerge on a regular basis and we are hit by new cumbia bombs relentlessly. This month, our cumbia round up covers the full spectrum of flavours, from the folkloric to the dubby, from the dancefloor killer to the swinging rebajada. We hope you enjoy the selection!


KayGee selected:

Nicola Cruz – Prender el Alma (ZZK Records)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been waiting for this album to drop ever since the first few extracts of it started appearing here and there in different mixtapes  over a year ago. Was the wait worth the while? Hell yes¡! This is one beautiful journey through the andes with a hint of sub and some deep basslines! I was also happy to discover songs that I’d never heard before, like Equinoccio ft. Huaira and Cocha Run aft. Tanya Sanchez which once again show Nicola Cruz’s talent, and his ability to create his own atmosphere with his use of delayed guitars, a very deep low end, accompanied by organic sounding percussions and beautiful lyrics. If you don’t have a copy of this, grab it now! And keep an eye out for Nicola Cruz live shows as he is just finishing his tour.

Meanwhile, you can also enjoy this brand new video of Colibria LIVE ft. Huaira:


Tribilin Sound – Octavio EP (Regional)

I’ve always been a very big fan of Tribilin Sound, his progressive and minimal yet potent production always amaze me. For this EP, Regional Label brought together 9 other artists to remix Tribilin Sound’s ‘La Cumbia de Octavio’, a song dedicated to his son Octavio David for his first bitrthday.

With names like Señor Chancho, Papi Pérez, Freddy Da Stupid Broken Edition, BeatFunk, Pigmalião, El Catorce Dash Slktr, Murúa and DJ Ground on the list, this was definitely going to be interesting; and it’s truly amazing. We have the pleasure of hearing 9 completely different approaches to this tune, with my personal favourite: Sr Chancho’s dubbed out version !!!


El Búho – Cenotes EP (Wonderwheel Recordings)

El Búho seems to be a recurrent artist for me in these posts. He never stops to astonish me with his many mixtapes, in which I discover an incredible amount of music, notwithstanding the quantity of music that he releases. I mentioned his new album last month, ‘Cumbias de Oro’ on Frente Bolivarista, and would now like to present to you his debut EP on the amazing record label Wonderwheel Recordings: ‘Cenotes’. Now located in Mexico City, El Búho offers us 5 beautiful tracks where “lush tropical vibes clash with ambient soundscapes, deep bass, and folkloric innerworkings” (Wonderwheel Recordings).


Deela – Ghost of the Cumbia (Cocotaxi Remix) (Shango Records)

Aie aie aie! Another heavy heavy remix by the great duo from Stockholm, Cocotaxi. The original version is already cumbia orientated but with a ‘housier’ touch to it. Cocotaxi have taken the Cumbia vibes forward, given it a potent rhythm and brought the tune to the tropical dancefloor! The flute/gaita just hits the spot when it appears. This remix appears on an EP by Shango Records with another remix from Larry Skg. Massive thanks to both of them for sending their remix to La Selva.

We will have the pleasure of seeing Cocotaxi in Madrid on December 18th with Dengue Dengue Dengue, and los Candeleros in one of Madrid’s many tropical parties organised by Guacamayo Tropical. And amongst the tropical rumors, I’ve heard some about Cocotaxi stopping off in our Selva Radio Studios?!


La Mecánica Popular – Móntame en la Tormenta (Names You Can Trust)

Some will say that it’s a risky thing to remix or do a version of a classic, and some will say that it’s very risky to do so with the Doors. Many have failed, but here, La Mecánica Popular simply nailed it! This “Amazonian cumbia” version is simply perfect! It keeps the psychedelic vibes and guitars, with perfectly layered guiros and cowbells, offering us a “beautifully dark and shadowy trip into the heart of la selva.“ This was released on 7” Vynil on the label Names You can Trust, with another version from La Mecánica Popular of the all time Michael Jackson Classic ‘Thriller’.


Negro Dub – Cumbia Wall

Talking about remixing classics, Negro Dub just did a wicked chilled-out Cumbia version of Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd). Proper dubbed out, echoed vibes in this one, with a catchy cumbia rhythm and tropical percussions, and the lovely guitar solo.


Cassette Blog 5th Anniversary

Cassette Blog have just dropped a Tropical Bomb on us with 4 incredible compilations, more than 100 tunes, to celebrate their 5th Anniversary, and as usual, for free !

Va-Vuelta al mundo en globo vol 1 y vol 2 (compiled by Chancha Vía Circuito)

Va- I want your riddim (compiled by The Ghost)

Va-Food for animals (compiled by Tropikore)

Va-Tonos de la marimba (compiled by Rafa Caivano de Frikstailers)

All 4 compilations are very different, and represent very well the sounds of the person who was in charge of compiling them. There are far too many great tunes and a huge amount of new artists for me to mention here: you can click on the above links to download and find all of the related info on all 4 compilations


Bosq – Cumbia en Bahia

Here’s a video of Cumbia en Bahia, a tune from Bosq’s brilliant new album released on vynil last month, Celestrial Strut. You should really check it. It goes from Latin Rhythms to Afrobeat, with a few stops of Disco; an eclectic feeling also found and enjoyed in Bosq’s DJ sessions.

Bosq’s own footage was used in the production and edition of this video, showing us a “slightly psychedelic journey through the beautiful mountains of Colombia captured mostly from bus, jeep & car windows between La Eje Cafetera & Medellin”. It accompanies his track really well, with the traditional sounds and instruments blending in with the beautiful and impressive Colombian landscapes.


SidiRum – “Máncora” // Video Mixtape (Fertil Discos)

Many of today’s musical projects go hand in hand with visual ones, both in live sessions and on the web, taking the whole experience for the crowd/listener/viewer one step further. This is a new series of videomixtapes presented on Fertil Discos; the first one was published a week or so ago with SidiRum’s sounds (both older and forthcoming releases) alongside Bruera’s visuals. “‘Máncora’ is a visual path, marked by a unique style in which deep electronic sounds come along with the most synthetic latin energy”. Find more videomixtapes, other cool projects and beautiful sounds on

Last month I mentioned Barda’s new LP, Gruta (released on Fertil Discos). Here’s a video on the makings of the LP recorded in Isla Festival and shared a few weeks back through Remezcla:

Isla Festival is a new festival which took place in September in Arroyo Esperita in Argentina, gathering great artists of the scene (Barda, Barrio indo, Chancha Via Circuito, El Remolon, Iluminate, Jin Yerei, Kaleema, dj Nunsense, Rivas Bowson Orchestra, San Ignacio, SidiRum. Keep an eye out for the next edition in February 2016:


Caballito Netlabel Showcase/URL Futurefest 2 0 1 5

Keeping on the whole visual side of things, Caballito teamed up with Wapastream last month and presented their part of the ‘URL Futurefest 2 0 1 5’, with 3 wicked half hour Cumbia & Tropical sets by Kuto Quilla, Bigote and Grita, accompanied by some crazy psychedelic, tribal, futuristic visuals by Wapastream

And keeep your eyes open, I’ve heard rumors that Don Plok, from Guateque Soundz in Buenos Aires is about to drop his first album !! I’ve heard a sneak peak and it sounds eclectically great !


The Silly Tang selected:

 Cumbia China – Caballito Mixtapes – Grita

The master Grita has dropped this new mix on his own label Caballito. This mix can be enjoyed while in the sun with a couple of beers or in a very hedonistic after party surrounded by freaks. I love the way Grita always tries to find this original cumbia sound and the eccentric sounds that come with it.


Tribilin Sound – Cumbia Wax

The one and only Tribilin Sound is back with this track and again it’s a masterpiece. His work is very lineal and very well worked on always! On this Cumbia Wax tune he delivers a very fresh but also psychedelic flavour to the dancefloor. When the little sample from the “Marijuaner0” comes in the tune really gets into its whole depth and groove.


Maguin Diaz Y El Sexteto Gamerano – La Rama De Tamarindo (Dengue Dengue Dengue! Remix) (Konn Recordings)

Again and again Dengue Dengue Dengue keeps bringing us the goodness of both sides, the electro minimal part of the structure and the folk drum sections and samples that bring us back to South America. I hope you will enjoy this remix that came out on Konn” records a few days ago on a big bad sound system !


Pachanga IMx – Son Reebook O Son Nike 2015 Limpia Grupo Maravilla (Low)

Waow waow waow ! This tune has been running through me and my mp3 all month ! Its a great joke that develops into an amazing cumbia track. Big up Pachanga mix for this exelent and creamy cumbia !


Deejay Theory, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Kush Arora – Definitely (Cocotaxi Remix) (Discos Peligrosa)

Cocotaxi who is a an old producer now but has just come to my attention thanks to our Kaygee 😉 Such a huge musical duo they bring out pure killerz everytime but this one really made it for me when we saw Dj Sanbandija de Madrid played it ! Puro flow de los Cocotaxi !


Borchi – La Rasterinha Imperial EP (Cassette Blog)

Before moving to Paris, our good friend Borchi has brought us a very good Ep with many remixes from great producers such as Dj caution and Ckrono & Slesh. But the version which really grabbed me is the remix by Basement freaks. It has pure flow and incredible energy to get all the people rocking it hard!


Con Ese Culazo (Wildsound Bootleg)

This last tune is less cumbia orientated but has some guiro parts and generally has a very Latin feel to it. It is dedicated to the very young “Happy colours”. The producer “WildSound” has dug up his most south American style sample of “culazo” and, inspired by Happy Colours, left us with this very hard hitting, but very efficient version of the new moombahton scene.


Coconutah selected:

 Sun Matt – Cumbia Meets Balkan

This is a nice little surprise: it starts off like a classic digi-cumbia number, and evolves into an original balkan animal dance that boasts cool female vocals and gypsy, middle eastern sounding strings. To top it off, there´s even some farm animals thrown in.


Lagartijeando – Cardos Rodando (Frente Bolivarista)

A brand new, very tasty album, showcasing a variety of beautifully mixed folkloric instruments, layered with a variety of tasteful latin rhythms. A sound inspired by the combination of Andes and the tropical dreams of brazil, switching from “Huaynos” to “Batucadas”, covering a journey between “Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil” , there are some awesome flutes and charangos to be found here, not to mention the rocking percussion and great instruments appearing throughout the album.


Zona Norte – Queen of the Ghetto Ep (Wakan Tanka Records)

Calling all cumbia dub addicts: This is a journey from Argentina to Jamaica and back again, with some amazingly dubbed out tropical sounds – personal favourites are Rasdub (panama) and Kungling (sweden). Big up to the all the producers involved and the always inspiring wakantanka records.


Andres Digital – Sonidero tropical (KUMBALE LP)

Andres Digital has been a repeat offender for making interesting, dancefloor orientated, eclectic music recently. Here he is again with 6 very different remixes, traveling all the way from a jungly denbow version of Currura, to the Arabic flavours of ElMoro, to a more reggae / dub / dancehall influence on the 4 other tunes on the LP. Check it!

Another shout for Kumbale for two new releases on Kumbale:

El Hijo del Misterio – Ocarina Tropical EP:

Some cool Electronic Cumbia tracks, straight from Tijuana Mexico by El hijo del misterio.

And Sudaka bass, a series of great tunes by a varied set of artists. Check their soundcloud.


Sonido Mamalón – Nijé Cahuíhuarachi (Mi Tierra) (Regional)

Regional delivers the goods with another fresh album, this time from Mexican producer Sonido Mamalón. A couple of tunes are accompanied by some good MCs and vocalists, while others go deeper and more rolling. The album is punctuated by some cleverly selected and distributed samples, and there is a definite dedication to the indigenous peoples of northern Mexico running through these sounds…..Niiiice and chilled.


Captain Planet – S.S. Esfahan (Thornato Remix) (Bastard Jazz Recordings)

This is a lovely cumbia influenced oriental dub from Thornato. This is smooth smooth and silky as you like it and will take you for a magic carpet ride. Some nice strings are accompanied by a pounding bassline. This is a great mood setter.


Flor De Ramona (mr.landero Rmx)

A nice remix by Mr.Landero from Buenos Aires, Argentina, this tune has a lovely dubby, future – cumbia atmosphere that really grabs the listener. A blend of new sounds without loosing the flavour of the original, you´re in for a nice trip that will make you want to hear it again.



To finish off this week’s cumbia vibes, you can enjoy a Sound System Style Vintage cumbia mix, all on vynil, released on Regional Label’s series of mixes, by our one and only Silly Tang:


We hope you enjoyed ! Please do not hesitate to contact us online or on air every Tuesday on our Radioshow from Madrid !

Big ups !

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