Since born of rasterinha beat, many producers worked with this “down-tempo” funk carioca. Serious, slow down 130 to 96 is a hard mission, but many global producers were familiar with it and explored many ways to work with the rasterinha beat. One of them is the younger producer Dom Magoo.


With only 18, Dom Magoo spend time taking attention with global community. The main reference for him is Tropkillaz and Major Lazer, and maybe for that reason, this remix to single “Põe a Mão Pra Cima” sound so fresh.

The original song is a mix of rasterinha and ragga, with amazing vocals of Mc Jimmy Luv and MC Sistah mó Respect, but when twerk comes up, sound better! Difficult to say this is a remix, not the original.

Grab this awsome remix for Free Here. This release is a partnership of Funk na Caixa and Dirty Kidz Gang.

Enjoy the track and support Dom Magoo at Soundcloud, also check this other f*cking remix of rasterinha song “Na ponta ela fica”.

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