The world is steadily sinking into an ever more terrifying spiral of hate, war mongering, terror, climate disasters and economic disintegration. And as we see it happening in front of us, we think we save the world by posting memes, layering our facebook picture with a flag or liking a protest page before we continue to keep up with the Kardashians, taking selfies and get dressed for the partaaaaaaaay. The music we enjoy,the booze and the drugs are for many an escape from reality, a fantasy world in which everything is alright or where the only thing that counts is our hotness-factor.

As a musician, creating and delivering the music that fuel such parties and lifestyles can be depressing. Faux rebellion sells. It makes you edgy and sexy. But as soon as you enter the territory of reality, you cross a line, since that is precisely what people want to escape from .and it takes courage to make a track that really intends to shake people out of their comfort zones.

That is precisely what the New York based, rock-minded bass alrounder Champion Rocka intended to do. As he himself says:

I believe it is an ARTISTS’ RESPONSIBILITY to REFLECT the TIMES they are living in. Imagine JOHN LENNON, BOB MARLEY or BOB DYLAN not chronicling their eras. I don’t see that happening right now. With all the TURMOIL and VIOLENCE happening across the GLOBE I fear most artist are staying silent, and are shirking their duty. So it is my responsibility to say something. SAVAGE PLASTIC CULT is me documenting these times.

The track unfolds as a powerful dark twerk banger, leading up to the a classic grunge-rock anthem flavoured chorus, sung by the producer himself, that repeats like a protest slogan:

“We are a savage plastic cult the bigger we are the harder they fall and there is no use taking us on, cause we are CULT!”

The energetic synths truly manage to transform the bouncing energy usually aimed to incite twerking to tug at your consciousness and press your nose into the mirror of your life and the world around you. But with this seed of consciousness planted into your soul, you can still dance to it like never before at the same time!

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