We’ve given you so many presents over the past 6 years and here’s our latest for Xmas 2015.

Streamer: Walking With Camels EP – Free Download

All tracks by Streamer. Feat:
Tracks 1 & 3 Aleksandar Grujic (Keys from Serbia )
Tracks 1 & 3 Christoph Scherbaum (Guitars from Switzerland)
Track 1 Yrjänä Rankka (Bass from Finland)

For this EP, Streamer has taken a leaf from the book of famous French composer Maurice Jarre who scored orchestral soundtracks with a Middle Eastern vibe for world famous movies like “Lawrence of Arabia” and “The man who would be King”.

Streamer takes the blueprint from the soundtracks of such movies to create an EP filled with nostalgia from the era of yesteryear but with a modern Psychedelic Orchestral Dub blend fitting for today. Over the 4 tracks, Streamer scores a sonic, cinematic Desert Wave soundtrack for an imagined movie yet to be made. You can feel the dust and the heat emanating from the desert where the nomads wander searching for the meaning of life. Here, life is simple but complex, harder yet easier and brutal but beautiful and Streamer’s soundtrack underscores all of this.

Have a Happy Middle Eastern Christmas!

Streamer Bio:

Gary Shepherd (UK, in exile in Amsterdam) More known for his compositions in Dance/theatre for the internationally acclaimed choreograph Nicole Beutler. Dropping productions for imaginary films yet unmade. Also Host / DJ, Paradiso, BAU, NB Projects. Amsterdam.

Moombah Club’s Christmas Box : MOOMBAHTON vs REGGAETON CLASSICS


Whether you’re a DJ preparing for some urban-Latin eclectic gigs or a music fan getting ready for a weekend of clubbing, this remix pack of Moombahfied Reggaeton classics is all you need for a good time. Moombah Club is the result of a new initiative from moombahton’s passionate hard core underground to unite all the upcoming, underappreciated producers worldwide. Something we definitely support.

Even though I’m no longer a fan of the classic moombahton sounds with the emblematic Dutch synths and EDM buildups, I’m excited about this pack. For one thing, I’ve always favoured the combination of moombahton with reggaeton, much more than with EDM genres. I even talked about it many times in my posts that it could be seen as an innovation inside reggaeton just much as an innovation in electronic music. Yet very few people seemed to look at it that way. My hopes for such an approach to the sound rose sky-high with the support of people like DJ Blass, DJ MaddOD and rumours about big collabs with reggaeton artists, only very few of which have been materialised. During the heydays of MidTempo gringo-bass music, I lost all hopes for a reggaeton-twist to ever gain ground, especially because many fans in Latin America for a while seemed to prefer moombahton as a clearly Western EDM genre and didn’t want it to have anything to do with reggaeton (class-based reggaeton hate is a big thing in many Latin American countries).

Often when I think about moombahton, I can’t help but fantasise melancholically how it would have been if this whole MidTempo direction would never have happened and if the sound would have been welcomed in the reggaeton or wider urban-Latin scene. This remix pack is a promising little peek into how I would have imagined it: luxuous reggaeton aesthetics instead of bro-bass style or hipster exoticism and a producers list of passionate producers who are making music that can push the movement into clubs in their cities rather than with a big Mad Decent stage in mind.  Thombs (Colombia) was one of the main motors behind MoombahClub and he brought a number of interesting names some whom I’m especially happy seeing on a moombahton project like this such as Mexico City´s Cumbiaton OG DJ Bekman. The other remixers are DJ Luiscar (Colombia), Vermilion Bird (USA), Naybr (Colombia), LoudN’Dirty (USA), DASH slktr (Colombia), Bass Syndicate (Costa Rica), Jomax La Farra (France), STARK (Chile), DJ Polarizer (Netherlands), Varilla (Dominican Republic) and Pixie Trace (Mexico).

So yes, this pack could and should have been made at least five years ago but now it is there, it’s still exciting and a great fresh start for moombahton in 2016!



>> Join the MOOMBAH CLUB here!


(Can’t get enough, check out my own playlist of moombahton remixes of reggaeton!)

Gardenia, a new Classical Trax series ! #1 : Worli – Maybe EP


On the doorstep of 2016, where the rise of underground club music as the new centre of gravity of music will inevitably continue and come to full bloom, platform Classical Trax has launched a new release series. ‘Gardenia’ intends to broaden the creative resource pool of the club avant-garde scene, crossing the boundaries of club music as a genre in order to prevent it from turning into a simple formula all too easily. At the same time, producers who are doing something unique, getting a platform that allows them to contribute to a scene which is still continuously in the making.

This first edition, spotlights are on a newcomer in the Classical Trax family: the 24 years old Milan, Italy based producer Worli, f.k.a. chill-trap producer ‘BDW‘. Worli is about exploring different genres and flavours in an ethereal ambient setting. The project came about when he decided to change his moniker and make music under his IRL nickname, with the intension to make music that feels closer to himself. This unlocked the way to exeriment with wider genres like grime, tresillo and gqom vibes and uptempo club BPM ranges, while never losing his distinctive mark: emotional melodies.

It was the Classical Trax family where everything eventually fell into place, leading to this release, a thoughtful melodic ambient club EP called ‘Maybe’. With titles that, in a style reminiscent of dead stare, together form a minimalistic poem: Maybe – Never – Lived – Wish. The passionate longing for vibrance and liveliness, piercing through the thick fog of solutide and desolation is gripping from the very beginning. Subtle elements like deconstructed dembow drums with tom breaks as a leitmotiv transcending the individual tracks or a consciously chosen reference to the opening scene of the final episode of anime action series initial D, give the EP extra intensity and depth. This is what Worli himself had to say about it:

I’ve tried both to take a melancholic portrait of my past and to draw a hopeful sketch of my future following a natural approach, letting my memories and my dreams flow into the project without setting specific rules or framing my output into unambiguous genres. The artwork made by Lorenzo Clementi follows the same concept, with an intangible holographic house floating over the unpredictable sea of life, leaving a dark and intricate forest in the background. Three remixes by the Italian producers MSTK, ETEVLEH and Grovekingsley provide completely different takes ranging from ‘weightless’ to ‘club’ vibes, also including abstract deconstructions.

As a reviewer I don’t need to add much to that, last year we already pointed at BDW as a name to watch in 2015, but now he has demonstrated he has found his style expect even greater things in 2016!

>> All the tracks are FREE DOWNLOAD on soundcloud <<


Follow Worli:




Sexxy Saturday Cumbia









Art by            Tropi Delia



Christmas is celebrated in different ways accross the world. It is a season of dancing and skanking; a season of music and rhythm. It is the season of praise and thanksgiving for the almighty tropical cumbia god.

La Selva is back for our third installment of sexy Saturday cumbia.

It has been a great build up to the Winter season. As you have seen from our previous installments, the cumbia scene is richer and more diverse than ever. It is constantly subject to new ethnic influences, and never ceases to benefit from the influx of producers, production techniques and production values from other musical genres.

As we scour the web for tasty new material, we have realised that the global adoptation of our cumbia dieties seems to be picking up pace, spreading across the world. It cannot be stopped! This fills us with happiness.

It is therefore with a festive spirit that we return with our contribution to this end of year; as always our selection has been divided into three sections, covering the full spectrum of styles, and an array of different formats.

We hope you enjoy the selection.



KayGee selected

Dubagroova – Phantom Drone (Pata De Perro Remix)

I’ll start this month’s selection with a lovely fusion of Cumbia with Dub, straight from Mexico. In this remix, we can hear how Pata De Perro combine the echoes, synths, and basslines of a heavy dub riddim with potent Cumbia guiros, kicks and instruments. All the other songs on their soundcloud, which are yet to be released, show similar CumbiaDub characteristics. I’m sure we can expect a lot from these guys.


Don Plok – Relajado, pero no regalado LP 2015 (Kumbale)

My good friend Pablo aka Don Plok has finally released his first album on the Berlin based net label Kumbale. The whole album is very eclectic and covers a wide range of beats and rhythms from all continents. An example is ‘Güera Jungle’, where he takes us from rolling jungle to cumbia breaks in a really progressive and subtle way. Grab it while it’s hot !


Ralfi Pagan – Pelao (Cocotaxi Remix) (Fania Records)

I know this isn’t Cumbia, but such a good remix of such a great Salsa classic had to be mentioned. Cocotaxi did it again!! They left the traditional vibe from the start to quickly build up a huge electronic drop that I can’t stop listening too. Their production is so tight, and full of great little details which create their own sounds and signatures. Check out the rest of the Ep, which offers two other great remixes from Coolout and K.Sabroso.

We’ll have the absolute pleasure of airing an hour session of the Swedish Duo in our radioshow in the next few weeks, keep your eyes out for Cocotaxi in La Selva.


Borchi – Vodú! EP (Tropic-All)

I’ve mentioned several fusions of Cumbia with other genres above, and will now bring to your attention Borchi’s latest EP, which brings forward a heavy hip-hop beat with dancefloor percussions, jungle atmospheres and crazy synths found in today’s global bass scene. Borchi never stops ! Big ups !


SidiRum – Intercambio (New Hispanic Music)

The tune Intercambio is a great example of the “electronic sky of tropical atmospheres and Latin vibes” found in the whole EP just released on New Hispanic Music. SidiRum, an active producer and musician in today’s tropical scene, always manages to create a trippy and floaty atmosphere with the combination of deep and sometimes dark electronic sounds with more traditional vocals, rhythms and instruments. ‘Intercambio’, which means ‘exchange’ in Spanish, reflects the process found throughout this EP of the ‘exchange’ between mainstream and experimental characteristics to create these beautiful new sounds.


AsagiSaundo – <º> 8 Infinito <º> – Encuentro Estelar

Brand new ExTerrestrial sounds and cumbia from the Mexican Capital. The progression and build up in this tune is amazing. The rhythm catches you slowly but surely and takes you to the other dimension when the synth drops. The space noises, sirens, shakers and cowbells blend in perfectly and create a wicked atmosphere. Make sure to check out his other tunes for a full ExTerrestrial tropical experience.


Chancha Via Circuito ft Wenceslada – Zorzal (Regional Label)

Found on the latest EP released by our good friends from Regional Label in Chile, this tune is a wonderful journey through Chancha’s deep and organic rhythms, percussions and atmospheres, accompanied by Wenceslada’s beautiful voice and lyrics. The whole EP is the fruit of work of many musicians, who all came together to create this unique journey. Enjoy !


Lulacruza – Uno Resuena (Nicola Cruz Remix)

Well I couldn’t go a month without mentioning Nicola Cruz.

In this case, it’s like a dream come true: a tune that I love and have used in my mixes remixed by one of my favorite producers. The original tune by Lulacruza was already great, but once more, Nicola Cruz has managed to create his own vibe around it, by adding some really interesting and potent touches to it. You can notice how he blends the original drums into some lovely electronic funky and crunchy sounds, and plays with the guitars and synths in a really nice way.

This tune will be part of a Orcas Remixed Vol. 1, which will be released in January 2016 and will feature artists such as El Buho, SaQi and Sleepers Work. Other remix volumes of Lulacruza’s Orcas album will be released this year, which we will make sure to bring to your attention, They will feature artists such as King Coya, Chancha Via Circuito, Desert Dwellers, Paul Feathericci, San Ignacio, David Last, Montoya, EVHA, and more.


TheNuLatAmSound Ep. 1 – ZZK Records

Here’s the first episode of a promising new doc series created by ZZK Records. In this episode, the focus is on new sounds emerging from Ecuador, featuring artists such as Nicola Cruz, Quixosis, Evha, Huiara, Juan Diego Illescas, Ivis Flies, and Mujeres de Luna who bring the traditional sounds of Ecuador to our dancefloors. It’s great to get more detailed insight from that scene, as we, spectators from Europe, discover more and more sounds from that side of the world.


Dengue Dengue Dengue – Remolinera Real (A Guide to the Birdsong of South America – Rhythm and Roots)

We will finish off this month’s selection with this brand new amazing psychedelic visual trip created by Joery Santos Gómez, based on Dengue Dengue Dengue’s tune ‘Remolinera Real’, which was released some months ago on Rhythm & Roots, on the album and beautiful project created by El Buho: A Guide to the Birdsong of South America.


Silly Tang selected

Rafael Aragon – Jose (Cassette Blog)

Waow Rafaaaaaa! What a tune our good friend Rafael Aragon has brought us on the “Casette Blog” label. A very energetic latin trap style that will get any dancefloor down to the groove. It is not a cumbia in such but I had to include this “temaso” in this month´s selection.


Sumohair – Colombia Chiquita (Compton Edit)

Would you like a lowrider cumbia? Well here it is! This lovely piece of music was put together by Sumohair and I really like the gangsta feel to it. Brings it back to the streets where this music originated – but on a 2015 note 😉


Los Ilusionistas – Las Limeñas (Bigote Edit) (Cassette Blog)

There he is – our national Bigote! And he has come to us with such a powerful track. Again on the cassette blog compilation, this hit is pure sensual, cumbia greatness. I have had the pleasure of playing it since it has dropped and no joke people go crazy to this anthem!


DJ Duro – Zumbaye (Original Bass) (La Clinica Records)

Here we find a much more refined song, from DJ Duro. Once again, this is a dancefloor killer because of the many factors this beast of a tune brings to the ear. The vocal is an absolute work of art, and the pre-post production of equally great talent! Big up and for all to enjoy ?


DjDus – El Borracho

Esos borachos!!! For all the heavy drinkers, here’s a classic type cumbia brought to us by Dj Dus, one of El Dusty´s aliases. I love the way it brings drunkenness and cumbia together. A very well produced cumbia classic.


Staycore – Ayida Weddo (Mobilegirl Remix) (Salviatek)

Once again this is not a pure cumbia style but I had to bring this song and artist to this blog, as I just love it so much. It is like a classic blend of reggaeton and grime-garage together. The style is minimal but works a treat with obscure sounds and dark fusion.


Coconutah selected

 Miss Bolivia – Bien Warrior (Dj Caution Remix)

Madrid´s tropical scene is on fire at the moment and this remix by DJ Caution showcases one of the many sides of the scene, with a cumbia dancehall remix with some sexy carribean flavours. This combines an old school dancefloor with Caution´s personal cumbia touch to great effect. Big tune.


Carlos Vives – Rosa (Lascivio Bohemia selva-ritual-mix)

This is a lovely floaty, soft remix of a Carlos Vives classic from Lascivio Bohemia – this brings some deft psychedelic touches through some very softly textured drums and a swirling accordeon melody. Love it.


Tropical Twista Vol. Dois (Tropical Twista Records – 2015)

This is Tropical Twista Records´s second compilation and it definitely packs some serious punch, featuring a global combination of established and up and coming artists, and gathering funky ethnic influences from all of the continents. This is very fresh to mix as individual tunes but also has a nice continuity when listened to as a whole album. Must see release!


MAMA DIASPORA “Collection” (EP) – (2015 Singles)

Tasty EP by Mama Diaspora with a nice mix of dirty, electronic cumbia that has a stepping dancefloor vibe. It is tastefully finished off with some lovely balkan vocals and instrumentals that glide seamlessly across Mama´s nice tropical breakbeats. Kolo Richki is a mechanical cumbia roller.


We hope that you enjoyed discovering the selection just as much as we enjoyed preparing it.

Don’t forget to lock in to our radio show over the next couple of weeks, we will be celebrating in true Selva style, and we have some great surprises in store. All of the tunes above and many, many more will be represented.

La Selva wishes you all the best for the end of this year, and the beginning of the new one.

May the tropical force be strong again in 2016!

la selva LA design

NON vs NAAFI : The Legendary Battle Mixtape


NON and NAAFI both belong to the most exciting labels who have transformed music in 2015. And they have a lot in common. Both deconstruct and reconstruct music from an anti-colonial, anti-cultural-imperialist perspective, exposing the conceiled political charge of music by doing things differently in a way that challenges things we are conditioned to take for granted. Both revolutionise not only sound but also the whole of cultural surroundings of contemporary music culture, recontextualising familiar visual aesthetics such as sci-fi video games, technology and 90s and 00s fashion, coagulating into a style that can best be described as neo-futurism. Now, the two rising titans are crossing paths with a battle mixtape of mythical calibre.

NAAFI works in the context of Mexico and wider Latin America, with its multi-layered heritage of indigenous cultures, European colonisers, enslaved Africans as well as later immigrants from elsewhere. The problematic collective identity formation by generations of erasure of roots, conditioning internalised Eurocentrism, oppressive gender roles and class identities, fed and aggravated by the exploitative, destabilising influence of the United States, has created a unique leitmotiv in Latin American counterculture, where these conflicting realities manifest in the form of the surreal and ambiguous. This element comes back in much of what makes NAAFI’s style so powerful and meaningful in today’s rapidly changing world.

NON’s approach is Africa and the African diaspora, the meaning of blackness in the context of global oppressive power structures which are not limited to specific places but create shared black experiences accross the world. Where NAAFI’s expression is subtle and reflexive, NON’ futurism is assertive, self-confident and confronting, consciously playing with the aesthetics of the militant, the industrial and the apocalyptic. NON refuses to allow a future where the existing, mind-controlling global power structures that have continued to demonise and silence the voices conflicting with white-cis-hetero-male dominance for centuries, are perpetuated. In a world where almost any form of countercultural expression has been commidified by capitalism, the artists of NON manage to clasp you by the scruff of your neck and smash your face in the stinking dung of the reality of your privilege. This necessary intense humbling experience for the privileged comes along with an equally powerful, liberating invitation for the underprivileged to create the future.

About the titan’s battle, where the combativeness of NON is fused with the multi-interpretability of NAAFI, we only received this passionate, encouraging log message from the front:

I do not know how many millions of people are listening to me tonight, at home and at the front. I want to speak to all of you from the depths of my heart to the depths of yours. I believe that the entire population of NON has a passionate interest in what I have to say tonight. I will therefore speak with holy seriousness and openness, as the hour demands. The people of NON, raised, educated and disciplined by The pedagogy of oppression, can bear the whole truth. It knows the gravity of the situation, and its leadership can therefore demand the necessary hard measures, yes even the hardest measures. Citizens of NON are armed against confusion and uncertainty. The blows and misfortunes of the battle vs. NAAFI only give us additional strength, firm resolve, and a spiritual and fighting will to overcome all difficulties and obstacles with revolutionary élan.



















Vaphoree – Flakka EP [Dancehall-Grime]

Vaphoree Design

Cover design by the artist himself (the man behind the mouthwateringly sharp URL Futurefest posters!)

Producer and designer Vaphoree from Madrid is one of the promising upcoming artists for 2016, a member of the club trax avant-garde who hasn’t come to full bloom yet this year. With Flakka EP, he showcases the wide range of his experimental sound, which we will be hearing a lot more of next year.

The main constituents of Vaphoree’s signature sound are dancehall and grime, with subtly dosed concentrations of club music and dystopian futuristic ambient, together crystallising into a brutal dancefloor energiser. Hence the playful reference to the memetic, experimental horror drug Flakka.

Next to the two original productions, the heavy ‘Flakka’ and the more light-feeted ‘Mayah’, Classical Trax afiliates Callosum (Italy), Lunar and MINA (UK) have have resynthesised FLAKKA with other experimental flavours from the underground club spectrum.


Follow Vaphoree:



SidiRum – Intercambio EP (Andean Future Lounge)

Intercambio EP

Generation Bass contributor Nico a.k.a. SidiRum is one of the frontrunners who are paving the way for a new chapter in the life of cumbia and prehispanic Andean sounds. The deep, contemplative sound which has been incubating for a while now in small undergrounds in countries like Argentina, Chile and Peru has now grown into a rich, mature genre of accessible yet high-quality music. Intercambio EP is future Latin-pop in the making: a perfect starting point for sounds out of the experimental Latin avant-garde to reach wider audiences.

Compared to earlier work in the electrofoloklore scene, the experimental, trippy, dub-leaning elements have been peeled off here and replaced by lush, pop-inspired melodic synth work.

The 5 track EP, released via the London based forward-looking Latin label New Hispanic Music, opens with a vocal pop-song featuring singer Dat García. Notable also is the Mentes Unidas, which’ remix by Salvador & El Peche we shared earlier, which fuses East Indian flutes with downtempo Latin percussion and jazzy synths.



Follow SidiRum:






Gan Gah press pic

GAN GAH is a young DJ and producer borned in the suburbs of Agadir but now based in Brussels.

Fed by traditional « Gnawa » and Berber rythms since ever, this accomplished
musician, who has been performing for many years as a beatmaker under various
pseudonyms, knows how to shake a dancefloor with his bewitching beats!

The mix of all his influences ended in an awesome combination of club music and traditional North-African music/rythms/melodies.

Now he just released his first EP “Souktronics” in a declaration of love to his Moroccan
roots and to modern electronic music which is more than likely about to make a lot of noise on worldwide dancefloors !!!

Enjoy it !




Jus Now (UK)

Really Interesting music!

Im hearing influences from all over the world here! Im sure some of these will be getting some play in my DJ sets!


Kush Arora (US)

Very into the first and third song man…will be playing on Surya Dub Radio on monday 94.1 FM california’s oldest and largest independent station. Big up from Surya Dub, really enjoy the basement.


Samrai (swing ting/uk)

” an interesting blend of Eastern sounds and ruff club aesthetics taking on Jersey stylings, funky and grimy rhythms, EYWA is the standout for me “


Rafael Aragon (Tropikal Masala/ FR)

“vraiment bon le EP de Gan Gah !! Snake Dance défonce tout !”


Schnautzi(Argent Sale / CH)

“Glad to hear new influences into the bass music family! EYWA and The Snake Dance are little dancefloor bombs”








This awesome release is now free for a limited time, grab it now!

In Serbia, there is a custom of firing manual weapons in the air as a gesture of extreme happiness – like birth of a child or marriage.

These weapaons can be guns, pistols or machine guns – AK-47 is quite common in Serbia because one version of that weapon is actually made in Serbia.

So Neki took that machine gun sample and played it at every gig either as Neki or ShazaLaKazoo – in his moments of extreme happiness. After he had used the sample a billion of times live – he decided to pay tribute to that sample and made a track around it – with synths and snares resembling it and this is it.

Featuring remixes by America’s Bad Ass Bass Guru Banginclude and a South African Post-Apocalyptic banger by Maramza.


“The AK-47 (also known as the Kalashnikov, AK, or in Russian slang, Kalash) is a selective-fire (semi-automatic and automatic), gas-operated 7.62×39mm assault rifle, developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov.

In the U.S. and Western Europe the AK-47 is stereotypically regarded as the weapon of choice of insurgents, gangsters and terrorists. Conversely, throughout the developing world, the AK-47 can be positively attributed with revolutionaries against foreign occupation, imperialism, or colonialism.

It is believed that AK-47s have caused more deaths than artillery fire, airstrikes and rocket attacks combined. An estimated quarter of a million people are gunned down by bullets from Kalashnikovs every year.”


Neki is no stranger to Generation Bass, as well as being one of our frequent bloggers on all things Balkan Bass; he has had a personal link to UMB for coming up to 10 years now from their association with Balkan Bass giants Shazalakazoo.

Apart from Shazalakazoo, Neki has made quite a name for himself as a producer in the bass scene following his forays into Moombahton, Zouk and many other bass genres, now finding himself sitting pretty and high above the pack for his innovative and unique takes on these genres.

The world needs more Neki!


We’ve been digging South African beat merchant Maramza for quite a while too. Coming to our attention back in 2010 with his “Richard the Third” dubstep material which stood up in terms of high quality. Latterly he has been making a huge name for himself in the Gqom scene.

Maramza is the tapeworm inside your head, straight out of South Africa, a producer of global future bass music.

Beginning his life as Richard the Third over a decade ago producing hip-hop for the likes of Hymphatic Thabs, the late Mischif, Tumi Molekane and plenty more, then going on to be an indie-electro and dubstep DJ playing around SA at clubs like Tokyo Star in Melville and Discoteque at the Assembly, his view of music was drastically changed when he began working with Spoek Mathambo, producing his debut album and touring with him around the world.

Maramza is Richard’s Tyler Durden, pushing him away from his serious underground roots to f*$k with the more hype kwaai sounds of Mzansi bass, gqom and hip-hop.

The results are a mashup of the two worlds, and has seen him release music through Bombaada and Naas, collaborate with artists such as the lovely Moonchild and remix the likes of PHfat, Sibot, Riky Rick and Okmulumkoolkat. His sets mirror his production ethos, a throw-down of bass, hip-hop and house, with a distinctly kwaai sound.

In terms of the remix he did for this release, Maramza says:

“….the deep voice and machine gun samples just got me in an apocalyptic mood. Also I’ve been playing Fallout 4 and thinking a lot about the crumbling of civilisation and how the sooner it happens, the better, even though it will be violent. Musically I’ve been listening to a lot of the darker Gqom, the less melodic stuff, as well as old 90’s industrial music and it all just ended up meshed into one.”


Banginclude is America’s Bad Ass Bass Guru!

He has had a long Generation Bass connection too stretching back to our New Wave of Moombahton compilation back in 2011 when he contributed a track that stood out amongst the sea of mediocre material around at that time. He has gone on from strength to strength and really found his footing with his experimentations into the Tarraxo genre and all its various offspring’s.

He creates Big Room Bad Ass Bass and soon he’ll be taking over America first and then the rest of the world!