I can’t express often enough how much I love MIXPAK’s work in fusing the avant-garde worlds of future dancehall and underground club music, precisely by picking the right artists who can make the bridges. We’ve covered only a fraction of them here on the blog, such as Lechuga Zafiro, Photo Romance and ZutZut. This time an upcoming talent who is relatively new to Generation Bass readers. Both because she is mainly a DJ and has only started releasing music very recently and because we’ve only just started to zoom in on the important names from the new club music avant-garde.

Lil Tantrum, from Monterrey Mexico is such name. Her catchy release on the Staycore117 Summer Jams 2K15 compilation was her producer debut and last month she also apeared on Classical Trax’ Jamz! compilation with another very promising tune. Together with ZutZut and Gvajardo, she leads the club music underground in Monterrey as a resident and co-organiser of Club Viral. After a recent guest appearance on Radar Radio she hosted the 091st Mixpak FM session yesterday, with an accessible yet underground blend of latin avant-garde club tunes!



Jennifer Dias – I Need You So

Ynfynyt Scroll – Todo Meu Amor

Mechatok & Toxe – Half Life

El Príncipe Baru – La Lamparita

Riobamba – Ragga Flow x Icy Lake

Ciara – Overdose (Imaabs bootleg)

Soda Plains – Traiana

Kate – Shika Mboo

SVANI – Oscuro Azúcar Riddim ft. Christal Sarah


Deena Abdelwahed – El Bortou9ala

Murlo – Moodswung

Mina – Medaase VIP

Ida Dillan – Remote Control

Migos x Jam City – Jordan Bells (Aspartame Bootleg)

Plastician – Vio-lent (GUNDAM bootleg)

Lotic – Phlegm (ZZ GOLOSO EDIT)

Chillax – Misty Might

Bob Traxx – Devil Dumzz

Snowy Beatz and Loyalty XIX – Sustrato

Skinnys & Dom P ft. Petra – Atrevida (DJ Ouai edit)

Imaabs & Tomas Urquieta – bye ghetto

Rahel – Restless (Joey LaBeija & False Witness remix)

Ynfynyt Scroll – Club Going In


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