Sometimes it happens that an artist fame becomes limited by just one decisive track. In the beginning I was afraid that that might happen to DJ Dotorado, whose banger African Scream rose to absolute anthem proportions virtually out of nowhere, quickly overshadowing the artist behind it. That he is a boundary pushing, creative artist with the potential to become an established name already became clear in March with his first EP I can no longer find on Soundcloud… And now at the threshold of 2016, at the bright end of a fundamental year for music, DJ Dotorado definitively proves himself ready to stay in the spotlights.

When ‘African Scream’ came out, DJ Dotorado was only 16 years old. Today, nearly two years later, he has developed a broad, eclectic style as well as a solid fanbase. Like in the previous EP he draws again from a wide range of genres including trap, chicago drill, baile funk, kizomba and fodençia, alongside his caracteristic melodic-euphoric afrohouse.

If there should be any startingpoint to push underground sounds we’ve supported over the last last years into mainstream audiences this winter, it is undoubtedly MALUKU EP VOL.2!

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