When I listened to EP Heat, from brazilian producer OMARIÔ, my first thought was about “UZ” sound, but at beginning. Both producers option to use less elements instead of excess, and this is a great formula for success.

With 4 tracks, “Heat” introduce remeber us there is a alternative to create music with less instead of follow the “way to sucess” from other producers, creating heavy drop and the same model of music. With just 19 years old, this is the first EP from OMARIÔ, few years ago he was a young rocker but after starting working in a instrumental store, discovered this universe of eletronic music, and jump over it.

Take a special attention to Creepy and Pasta and Heat, my two favorite track from this EP.

Take another special attention to Dirty Kidz Gang Recordings. This group started making party on São Paulo, then they travelled to 4 cities over Brazil. Recieved guest djs as Diplo, UZ, Borgore, Torro Torro and others. Now they are a label and want to show why they are so special. If you read GB with attention, they participated on Favela Terror EP and that was a bang EP (there will be a volume 2 soon).

Heat is for free Download Here. You can also support OMARIÔ at Soundcloud and Facebook.

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