Gan Gah press pic

GAN GAH is a young DJ and producer borned in the suburbs of Agadir but now based in Brussels.

Fed by traditional « Gnawa » and Berber rythms since ever, this accomplished
musician, who has been performing for many years as a beatmaker under various
pseudonyms, knows how to shake a dancefloor with his bewitching beats!

The mix of all his influences ended in an awesome combination of club music and traditional North-African music/rythms/melodies.

Now he just released his first EP “Souktronics” in a declaration of love to his Moroccan
roots and to modern electronic music which is more than likely about to make a lot of noise on worldwide dancefloors !!!

Enjoy it !




Jus Now (UK)

Really Interesting music!

Im hearing influences from all over the world here! Im sure some of these will be getting some play in my DJ sets!


Kush Arora (US)

Very into the first and third song man…will be playing on Surya Dub Radio on monday 94.1 FM california’s oldest and largest independent station. Big up from Surya Dub, really enjoy the basement.


Samrai (swing ting/uk)

” an interesting blend of Eastern sounds and ruff club aesthetics taking on Jersey stylings, funky and grimy rhythms, EYWA is the standout for me “


Rafael Aragon (Tropikal Masala/ FR)

“vraiment bon le EP de Gan Gah !! Snake Dance défonce tout !”


Schnautzi(Argent Sale / CH)

“Glad to hear new influences into the bass music family! EYWA and The Snake Dance are little dancefloor bombs”






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