Intercambio EP

Generation Bass contributor Nico a.k.a. SidiRum is one of the frontrunners who are paving the way for a new chapter in the life of cumbia and prehispanic Andean sounds. The deep, contemplative sound which has been incubating for a while now in small undergrounds in countries like Argentina, Chile and Peru has now grown into a rich, mature genre of accessible yet high-quality music. Intercambio EP is future Latin-pop in the making: a perfect starting point for sounds out of the experimental Latin avant-garde to reach wider audiences.

Compared to earlier work in the electrofoloklore scene, the experimental, trippy, dub-leaning elements have been peeled off here and replaced by lush, pop-inspired melodic synth work.

The 5 track EP, released via the London based forward-looking Latin label New Hispanic Music, opens with a vocal pop-song featuring singer Dat García. Notable also is the Mentes Unidas, which’ remix by Salvador & El Peche we shared earlier, which fuses East Indian flutes with downtempo Latin percussion and jazzy synths.



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