Vaphoree Design

Cover design by the artist himself (the man behind the mouthwateringly sharp URL Futurefest posters!)

Producer and designer Vaphoree from Madrid is one of the promising upcoming artists for 2016, a member of the club trax avant-garde who hasn’t come to full bloom yet this year. With Flakka EP, he showcases the wide range of his experimental sound, which we will be hearing a lot more of next year.

The main constituents of Vaphoree’s signature sound are dancehall and grime, with subtly dosed concentrations of club music and dystopian futuristic ambient, together crystallising into a brutal dancefloor energiser. Hence the playful reference to the memetic, experimental horror drug Flakka.

Next to the two original productions, the heavy ‘Flakka’ and the more light-feeted ‘Mayah’, Classical Trax afiliates Callosum (Italy), Lunar and MINA (UK) have have resynthesised FLAKKA with other experimental flavours from the underground club spectrum.


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