On the doorstep of 2016, where the rise of underground club music as the new centre of gravity of music will inevitably continue and come to full bloom, platform Classical Trax has launched a new release series. ‘Gardenia’ intends to broaden the creative resource pool of the club avant-garde scene, crossing the boundaries of club music as a genre in order to prevent it from turning into a simple formula all too easily. At the same time, producers who are doing something unique, getting a platform that allows them to contribute to a scene which is still continuously in the making.

This first edition, spotlights are on a newcomer in the Classical Trax family: the 24 years old Milan, Italy based producer Worli, f.k.a. chill-trap producer ‘BDW‘. Worli is about exploring different genres and flavours in an ethereal ambient setting. The project came about when he decided to change his moniker and make music under his IRL nickname, with the intension to make music that feels closer to himself. This unlocked the way to exeriment with wider genres like grime, tresillo and gqom vibes and uptempo club BPM ranges, while never losing his distinctive mark: emotional melodies.

It was the Classical Trax family where everything eventually fell into place, leading to this release, a thoughtful melodic ambient club EP called ‘Maybe’. With titles that, in a style reminiscent of dead stare, together form a minimalistic poem: Maybe – Never – Lived – Wish. The passionate longing for vibrance and liveliness, piercing through the thick fog of solutide and desolation is gripping from the very beginning. Subtle elements like deconstructed dembow drums with tom breaks as a leitmotiv transcending the individual tracks or a consciously chosen reference to the opening scene of the final episode of anime action series initial D, give the EP extra intensity and depth. This is what Worli himself had to say about it:

I’ve tried both to take a melancholic portrait of my past and to draw a hopeful sketch of my future following a natural approach, letting my memories and my dreams flow into the project without setting specific rules or framing my output into unambiguous genres. The artwork made by Lorenzo Clementi follows the same concept, with an intangible holographic house floating over the unpredictable sea of life, leaving a dark and intricate forest in the background. Three remixes by the Italian producers MSTK, ETEVLEH and Grovekingsley provide completely different takes ranging from ‘weightless’ to ‘club’ vibes, also including abstract deconstructions.

As a reviewer I don’t need to add much to that, last year we already pointed at BDW as a name to watch in 2015, but now he has demonstrated he has found his style expect even greater things in 2016!

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