Whether you’re a DJ preparing for some urban-Latin eclectic gigs or a music fan getting ready for a weekend of clubbing, this remix pack of Moombahfied Reggaeton classics is all you need for a good time. Moombah Club is the result of a new initiative from moombahton’s passionate hard core underground to unite all the upcoming, underappreciated producers worldwide. Something we definitely support.

Even though I’m no longer a fan of the classic moombahton sounds with the emblematic Dutch synths and EDM buildups, I’m excited about this pack. For one thing, I’ve always favoured the combination of moombahton with reggaeton, much more than with EDM genres. I even talked about it many times in my posts that it could be seen as an innovation inside reggaeton just much as an innovation in electronic music. Yet very few people seemed to look at it that way. My hopes for such an approach to the sound rose sky-high with the support of people like DJ Blass, DJ MaddOD and rumours about big collabs with reggaeton artists, only very few of which have been materialised. During the heydays of MidTempo gringo-bass music, I lost all hopes for a reggaeton-twist to ever gain ground, especially because many fans in Latin America for a while seemed to prefer moombahton as a clearly Western EDM genre and didn’t want it to have anything to do with reggaeton (class-based reggaeton hate is a big thing in many Latin American countries).

Often when I think about moombahton, I can’t help but fantasise melancholically how it would have been if this whole MidTempo direction would never have happened and if the sound would have been welcomed in the reggaeton or wider urban-Latin scene. This remix pack is a promising little peek into how I would have imagined it: luxuous reggaeton aesthetics instead of bro-bass style or hipster exoticism and a producers list of passionate producers who are making music that can push the movement into clubs in their cities rather than with a big Mad Decent stage in mind.  Thombs (Colombia) was one of the main motors behind MoombahClub and he brought a number of interesting names some whom I’m especially happy seeing on a moombahton project like this such as Mexico City´s Cumbiaton OG DJ Bekman. The other remixers are DJ Luiscar (Colombia), Vermilion Bird (USA), Naybr (Colombia), LoudN’Dirty (USA), DASH slktr (Colombia), Bass Syndicate (Costa Rica), Jomax La Farra (France), STARK (Chile), DJ Polarizer (Netherlands), Varilla (Dominican Republic) and Pixie Trace (Mexico).

So yes, this pack could and should have been made at least five years ago but now it is there, it’s still exciting and a great fresh start for moombahton in 2016!



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