We’ve given you so many presents over the past 6 years and here’s our latest for Xmas 2015.

Streamer: Walking With Camels EP – Free Download

All tracks by Streamer. Feat:
Tracks 1 & 3 Aleksandar Grujic (Keys from Serbia )
Tracks 1 & 3 Christoph Scherbaum (Guitars from Switzerland)
Track 1 Yrjänä Rankka (Bass from Finland)

For this EP, Streamer has taken a leaf from the book of famous French composer Maurice Jarre who scored orchestral soundtracks with a Middle Eastern vibe for world famous movies like “Lawrence of Arabia” and “The man who would be King”.

Streamer takes the blueprint from the soundtracks of such movies to create an EP filled with nostalgia from the era of yesteryear but with a modern Psychedelic Orchestral Dub blend fitting for today. Over the 4 tracks, Streamer scores a sonic, cinematic Desert Wave soundtrack for an imagined movie yet to be made. You can feel the dust and the heat emanating from the desert where the nomads wander searching for the meaning of life. Here, life is simple but complex, harder yet easier and brutal but beautiful and Streamer’s soundtrack underscores all of this.

Have a Happy Middle Eastern Christmas!

Streamer Bio:

Gary Shepherd (UK, in exile in Amsterdam) More known for his compositions in Dance/theatre for the internationally acclaimed choreograph Nicole Beutler. Dropping productions for imaginary films yet unmade. Also Host / DJ, Paradiso, BAU, NB Projects. Amsterdam.

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