Munchi has been away for some time but he’s decided to make a comeback in 2016 with promises of some forthcoming back catalogue releases and this new release on his Selegna imprint by Godwonder.

You might remember Godwonder with his Skullbass release on our very own little label Generation Bass about a year ago with “Black bat – Looking Scary” and now he’s even better company with Mr Big hair himself, the saviour of the Global Bass scene and one of our fave ever underground producers, Monsieur Munchi!

This is a most timely return as there’s a bunch of new kids like Kamixlo, Happy Colors and many others who have drew inspiration from the Munchi sound and are taking it to different dimensions. It’s only right that the King returns to reclaim his crown!

Munchi uploaded a preview mix on his label’s soundcloud a few days ago to rapturous applause. He has the kind of fan base that is authentic, passionate and willing to go to any extreme to grab his unreleased material. When you hear Munchi fans, you know you’re listening to real fans of the kind that superstars like Elvis The Beatles, Prince, MJ and Kanye West attract. He is that kind of artist in this small underground scene.

Godwonder is from the same place as Munchi, Netherlands and also has the same origins too, Dominican MF Republic! On the preview mix uploaded there’s signs of that ‘Munchi” sound Dembow Bombastics, Moombahton Madness and Skankin’ SkullBass Bastardery!

Munchi told me “After having a long hiatus of my own work as Munchi and the Selegna Records label, we are releasing this EP to start of the year properly. Introducing Godwonder with his first EP that will be focusing on Moombahton and Dominican Dembow.”

There will be more info to come soon on the tracks on the EP which also include a Munchi edit of ‘La Campana”!

For now, they have dropped a video for one of the lead tracks “La Baina Ta Bien” which embodies the heart of a Missy Elliot sample. Munchi says “This was made at last years ADE where we were crashing the parties and trolling the lyfe over there with a bunch of Dominicans for no reason at all lol. It was made with a fucked up camera too but who cares – it was fun!”

And may I add to that, in true Munchi style, it’s real too and that’s pretty rare in this industry.

If Munchi is coming back, it might just inspire all of us to make a comeback too. Best news of the year thus far!

• Video by D. van Hauten


1. Godwonder ft Dari Caramelo – Capo
2. Godwonder – La Baina Ta Bien
3. Godwonder – Dale Patra
4. Godwonder – Ay Que Rico
5. Godwonder – Aih Aih Eh Eh!
6. Godwonder – Sin Jockey
7. Godwonder – La Campana (Munchi Edit)

• OUT 21/01/16




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Godwonder Bio:

It all started at the age of 10 when he met this famous program called “Fruity Loops”. He felt in love with this program so much that he started making music every day! Artists and rappers of the neighbourhood visited him and loved his original style of music. They came to his house every day to watch him making music.

After the years passed by he decided to live in Holland, Amsterdam




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