My bro from Moscow Chuck Upbeat has just released a BEAST! It`s ORIENTAL BASS mixtape madness and GenBass has the privilege of revealing what`s inside! Check this out:



Oriental Bass is a new sound originally coming from China but actually is spreading all over Far East involving many talented producers!
Practically every country has its own sound and music. But when it comes to Far East culture it is not easy to imagine oriental music being really dancefloor friendly. But everything is changing very fast today. Thanks to blogs, social media sound from one part of the world can be heard in another part of the world within several minutes. This makes distant cultures closer to each other, today it is possible to discover Chinese underground from Moscow or London or New York or anywhere else. Global Bass scene has never been that hot as it is today. Everyday people from all over the world share their music and culture and influencing the shape of Global Bass sound.
Discover new sound from Far East, influenced by Hip-hop music, Future Bass and TRAP taken to another level due to Howie Lee (China), Jase Nguyen (Vietnam), Jet Airess (Malaysia), Masayoshi Iimori (Japan), Jason Hou (China) and many more… Besides you will find lots of Chuck Upbeat own production from the upcoming Oriental Bass EP!

Exclusive tracklisting special for Generation Bass:

1. HARIKIRI – 长命面与鸡姜菇
2. NATURE DANGER GANGフィッシャーキングNDG Vs Masayoshi Iimori
3. P.Ramlee & Saloma – Joget Malaysia (Jet Airess Booleg)
4. Chuck Upbeat – Drunken Master Zouk
5. Jase Nguyen – Saigon Ghetto
6. Howie Lee – Untitled (EXCLUSIVE!)
7. Howie Lee – Xiang
8. Howie Lee – Cloud Lamps
9. Chuck Upbeat – Pansori Bass
10. Chuck Upbeat – Monkey TWRK
11. Chuck Upbeat – Untitled
12. Dj Kazu – Sushi Chop
13. CRAZY®Ë2
14. Migamo x Lord Pidjeon – Clangadashian
15. Eddie Beatz – Bong(Howie Lee Edit)
16. Howie Lee – 只要你一摸我就大叫
17. Chuck Upbeat – Cobra’s Heart
18. Chuck Upbeat – Samurai’s TRAP
19. Jackie Chan Theme by Chuck Upbeat
20. Chuck Upbeat – Dragon’s Tail
21. Chuck Upbeat – Untitled
22. Chuck Upbeat – Enter The Dragon
23. あったらいいな JAPAN(Masayoshi Iimori fr.m4a)
24. Howie Lee – 金 蛇 狂 舞 Flip (This One Special for Chinese New Year!)
25. Howiee Lee – KAI
26. Howiee Lee – Flame Fighters
27. Jason Hou – Qi I
28. Chuck Upbeat – Mekong Vibez
29. Jason Hou – Sheng
30. Zhi 16 – 游乐场
31. Guzz – 云
32. Zhi 16 – 7LiLi
33. Jason Hou – 眼保健操
34. Chuck Upbeat – Arirang Theme
35. Jase Nguyen – Mưa Sài Gòn Xưa

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