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Here we go with our fourth edition of sexy saturday cumbia – may 2016 be the most year tropical so far!

2015 was a year full of great releases, nice cumbia related surprises, and amazing new artists pushing through. These new additions combined with the old heads bringing out some incredible material has meant it has been a real pleasure to be involved. This year seems to be kicking off in style right away: the selection below is representative of this trend with some very recognizable names, and some less so. Cuuuummmmbiaaaaa!


KAYGEE recommends:

Scotch Bonnet – The Stinger (SidiRum Edit) (Sonido Trópico)

It had to happen and here it is: a Scotch Bonnet tune with a heavy guiro on it! Big up SidiRum for this lovely Cumbia Edit of ‘The Stinger’. This would be a great one to drop in the UK, where shakers and tropical shirts are still in a shady area growing slowly but surely. This edit, which is downloadable for free, is part of the ‘Sonido Trópico Vol.1’ compilation, which I have listened to many times and appreciate in different ways and from a different approach every time. The tracklist looked promising, and the result is wicked. The selection of artists englobes a wide range of influences and genres all found in today’s nucumbia/tropical scene, well represented in all of the tunes. Make sure to check the whole compilation out.


Nochi – Cumbia de la Flores EP (Caballito)

Caballito dropped a fabulous remix EP of Nochi’s ‘Cumbia de las Flores’. The original mix shows pure cumbia vibes, with a heavy beat and a few darker subs and basslines, to create a great tune overall. On top of that, you can enjoy 5 great different remixes by top producers Bigote, Caballo, Dj Neber, El Búho and Tribilin Sound, who all added their personal touch in a really interesting way.


Paloma del Cerro – – Para Bien Remixes

(Listen & Download the whole compilationfor free on )

I have listened to this compilation several times and tried to select one tune for this blog which would best represent it, but I couldn’t. They are all so different, yet all representing the scene of the moment in their own way. 17 remixes with influences of techno, house, psytrance, drum&bass, tribal, bass, experimental, etc. It is great to hear so much diversity in one compilation, and great to discover so many new artists in it who I had never heard of, amongst the other big names.


Joás Santos – Rio Azul (Kurup Edit)

You couldn’’t classify this as traditional cumbia, but the beat, the shakers and the organic sounds used definitely bring us to a Latin American rain forest, where the atmosphere is dense and tropical, and where the sounds of nature are omnipresent. Great tune!


Lascivio Bohemia – Pobrecito mi Cigarro (Mashup Mexico Soberbio Music & Pa Changes)

Great remix by Lascivio Bohemia, who seems to be on top form these days, releasing a huge amount of wicked tunes and remixes. This one, part of the 30 tune EP, Chico Che – El Tributo, seemed to be special one for him, remixing the classic ‘Pobrecito mi Cigarro’, and he nailed it! Wicked remix in which he brings the original tune to the dancefloor with a heavy beat and potent electronic melodies.


Dj Neber  -– Amar Es Tortura (Kumbale)

I hadn’t heard anything from Dj Neber in a while and was pleased to see this release on Kumbale. The name of the Ep is pretty deep, translated as ‘To Love is Torture’, but it’s actually quite representative of the selection of Dj Neber’s remixes used for this ep; as you can also tell when listening to the lyrics he used. To these relatively melancholic atmospheres, he manages to create a special vibe by adding a heavy hip-hop beat, giving the original tune a nice added groove to it.


Kosta Kostov – Zukiada feat. BxPs (Rocky Marsiano Remix) (Cassette Blog)

Another great ep has dropped: Zukiada – Kosta Kostov + Remixes. Here, Rocky Marsiano brings a slightly heavier cumbia and electronic approach to Kosta Kostov’s original tune, whilst keeping a lot of the original vibe. Make sure to check the whole ep, as they are all bangers. The synth in the original mix is simply amazing! We had the pleasure of enjoying one of Kosta’s sessions on a beach in Croatia 2 years ago @ Goulash Disko festival, pure global lushness for a sunny afternoon!


Tribilin Sound – Barrancore (TropiKhongo Remix)

I never really know what to expect with TropiKhongo and that’s what I love about him. This is a cool remix of Tribilin Sound’s tune Barrancore, in which TropiKhongo managed to keep Tribilin Sound’s deep and progressive atmosphere, which I really enjoy, whilst adding a nice catchy cumbia beat to it.


Now here are two beautiful chilled out mixes to finish off my selection:

Shika Shika –- Flavour of the Month

I think every time El Búho does a mix, I have it on repeat until the next one he does; and it’s just happened again. Here, he presents the first mix for Shika Shika: December’s flavour. Every time I listen to it, I enjoy new parts of it. So many great tunes, so many new artists for us to discover, it’s an all in one journey to be enjoyed over and over again.


Zlow & Low –- Rafael Aragon

Last but not least, one of La Selva’s very good friends, with whom we will have the pleasure of mixing in Rodez (Fr) on February 27th: Rafael Aragon. You’ll usually find him rinsing out dancefloors around 4-6am, but you’ll also discover a more chilled, world/ethnic and psychedelic side to him a few hours later in sessions like this one for the Portuguese program Zlow and Low. It’s a true journey around the world, but with your eyes closed! Love it!



THE SILLY TANG recommends:

Jomax La Farra – Cumbia de mi Tierra

I will start this first wintery selection with this heart warming tune. It´s an all time classic re-worked into a very clever and ear catching hit for a perfect dancefloor warmer 🙂
Bigote – Lean ft. Danni Mastah (Kumbale)

Bigote is like the grime badman every village wants! This tune has such energy and atmosphere that it had to come out from such a forward producer. This is much more of a soundboy track that will blend in the more obscure parts of the cumbia gene.


Love Carnival – Mango Park – Bajo Latino Mix

There he is! Mr Mango Park huge selektah is getting super props up in Bristol. He has been a good friend and a huge inspiration to the whole bristol tropical scene! I have to say hands down to a true pioneer in our city.


Qechuaboi – – Blahblahblah Ep (Folcore)

Out on the infamous Folcore, Mr Qechuaboi has cooked a very weird, slight sub genre cumbia. The production and mastering on this is so tight it might open the fridge for you! Once again this will fit perfectly into a darker set of the tropical genre.


Haris Pilton – – Cumbia Raggatiko

My main eastern connection! They call him the him the Ragga cumbialist, jeje. No, honestly this song is a great mashup from the one and only Haris Pilton. This man gets his hands dirty on any kind of style. And his vocal capabilities are so sexy!


Sistema Beat Andino – Todo Sigue Igual (Aconcamarga Colectivo)

Waow waow waow and, well, WAOW! I came across this half breed of Cumbia and heavy dub and it sounded so good! A new producer to my ears, the great Sistema Beat Andino drops the very subtle but nevertheless great track called “Todo Sigue Igual” – for all dub and soundmen out there!!!!


The Gardener – Caballito Mixtapes

To finish my selection for this month Generation Bass I wanted to highlight this very obscure but full of vibes mix from The Gardner on Caballito´s netlabel! A great mix for after party of simply when you feel a bit mental of to much cafeine!



COCONUTAH recommends:

Freak Castro – La Cumbia Ninja (Tropikore Sensei Remix)

Tropikore always seems to hit the dancefloor spot nicely in his productions and this remix is no exception, with a nice upbeat feel and good progression. Different synths spiral in and out whilst a pounding eclectronic drum rhythm marks the beat. The intro sets a nice cumbia vibe, and when it drops, trippiness and danciness are on the menu!


Lascivio Bohemia & Dealer Kid – Take Off your Shoes and Dance (Edmoon Records)

There is already a lascivio bohemia tune in this edition, but I couldn´t resist including this Cumbia jungle banger. It starts of as a bassy cumbia belter with trippy synths and a nice dubby feel, moves into some slightly dirtier mids – and then turns you upside down with a wicked jungle breakcore drop. The rhythm changes are absolutely amazing. Take off your shoes and dance!


Cumbia Drive – The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme)

Carefully coinciding with the release of the latest episode of starwars, this tune feeds us a bit of the saga, differently. Classic polished upbeat Cumbia drive beats accompany the famous theme tune, alternating between light and darker atmospheres. Very nicely put together, listen to this if you want to meet darth vader.


Erick Jaimez – El Danzon

Erick Jaimez kicks off the year with a cumbia trap banger, a nice rebajada remix starting with a sweet mexican cumbia atmosphere. The drop into trap is expected but doesn´t disappoint, and brings such a low sub that your neighbours will thank generation bass for it.


Salvador Araguaya – Fumo de Cobra (Sonido Trópico)

Part of Sonido Trópico   Vol.1, covered higher up in the blog by Kaygee, Salvador Araguaya presents an amazing amazon jungle tinted cumbia, where tribal voices and wooden flutes combine with psychedelic organs to keep you grooving all along. Nicely progressive from a drum perspective, it starts of slow with some soft bongos, before building into meatier kicks, snares, and claps. As said previously, be sure to check this great compilation out.


Territorio Comanche ft. Puloy – Cumbia Resistencia

Territorio Comanche is back with a tasty beat, kicking off with a nice cumbia build up with a mix of several instruments and synths that fit together real nicely. When it drops, the vocal is a nice surprise, and delivers a relentless energy to the tight, constantly evolving beats. There are loads of layers of bongos and many other surprises, check it out!


We hope you enjoy the selection. Once again a tropical new year to everyone!!


Remember when we mentioned rumors of an exclusive Cocotaxi mix for La Selva? Well we had the pleasure of ending 2015 with it. Make sure to check it out:


Thanks again to both of them!



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