Just shut the fuck up and let the main man talk:


So here’s something that we have been really excited about for quite some time now.
THE sound that has been taking over the Dominican Republic – Dembow.

After the Dominican youth got into Reggeton and later creating an entire scene on their own strength with Dominican Rap, Dembow was making noise on the island with tracks like ‘Pepe’ by Doble T y El Crok. There was a big longing for the riddims found on the Playero tapes, that the polished sounds of Reggeton simply were not providing anymore. Ever since Dembow made an entrance back then in ’09/’10, Dominican Rap was getting on the background and Reggeton seemed to be forgotten about. This was the new sound and it was only after a couple of years of evolving, that the sound finally started to create it’s own identity.

In comes Amsterdam based Godwonder, also of Dominican heritage, to present his 7 track EP. After 2 years, we present his unbiased vision of Dembow. Influenced by Dembow’s “cousins” Reggeton and Moombahton, but also by the islands own Merengue and Mambo, to show how it’s done. People have been sleeping on it for too long, so we decided to crash the parties at ADE to wake everybody the fuck up!

You know what? I’m not even going to describe the tracks for you. I suggest that you go ahead, grab your fucking bottle of Presidente and realize that the sandungueo just started again.


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