Some of the finest French Hip Hop producers have come together to create this great album for such a worthy and heart-breaking cause.

It’s been released on the Mutant Ninja label (Big UP To them!) that has brought you some great Arabic Trap releases in the past by the likes of Tcheep. Here’s the reasoning behind it:

AMAL (arabic word for HOPE) is a charity compilation.
All sales revenue will be donated to an association called “A Syrian Dream” (, which goal is to provide an education and psycho-social support center for the most vulnerable Syrian children that live in Antakya/Hatay.

AMAL is an entirely instrumental hip hop album that bring together 21 french beatmakers.

Basically the French finest hip hop producers are on AMAL!

Mastering: Tony Tandoory @ Polycarpe Studio

Photo : AFP / Mohammed Al-Khatieb
Artwork : Monsieurtok

Order now! CD (limited edition):

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