Major Notes who hails from London via Accra, Ghana and who is a self-proclaimed  “Afro Bass Pioneer ± Uk funky disciple ± House lover ±Hip Hop educated scholar ± lover of all good music” sent us his new track which is Mashin’ Up Da Place!.

He first made a little name for himself in the underground with his brilliant “Abeka Lapaz Dance”. Latterly, he started gaining some global traction with Township Funk’s little sister from another mother “419 Riddim” which got some staunch backing from the likes of Murlo, Walshy Fire and was also picked out in Spin’s 50 best Dance songs from 2014!

Spin described 419 Riddim as thus “matched Afropop rhythms with plodding ’80s synths and a squelching hook so rubbery and sinewy that you can hear Diplo seethe with jealousy while listening. Don’t be shocked if “Riddim” shows up underneath a pop megastar’s attempt to trend-hop in 2015”. Really surprised, it hasn’t caught on more extensively in the blog world and more commercially in the dance world and is still pretty much UNDERGROUND.

Anyways, whilst listening to his new release, you can catch up on some of his other excellent stuff below including a vocal version of 419 Riddim and his Nu African Disco releases:

419 Riddim Vox:


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