I think I’m finally starting to draw some inspiration once again from the underground dance scene and most of it seems to be coming from brown female artists like this bunch, Ochoboyz.

There’s something really interesting going on here which is quite unique and innovative albeit still in the early stages of development but there’s loads of great promise.

There’s nothing about Ochoboyz on their soundcloud but after a little google search I managed to find some information on them and to my surprise I found out that the very promising Sosiy is involved.

The brilliant Mask Mag say the following:

“OCHOBOYZ is an all “brown girl group of artists from different parts of the world coming together.” In their new video “Ghetto Hero”, we see these girls dancing and making waves in offices and studios, on fire escapes and porches, in the streets. They’re serving equal parts attitude and silliness.”

Another mag that I’ve never heard of before say the following:

Kajal Mag

“Ghetto Hero” is a project by Ochoboyz, a collective of “badass brown girls from around the world.” Their intention is to show girls rarely seen in all their glory, “presented as the G’s that they are.”

The people involved in the song are Mohini Hewa, Stash Marina, 8at8oy, Soisy, Feathermeal and Left Leberra. In the video are Zarina Muhmmad, Seema Mattu, Samira Warsame, Sesen, Stash Marina, Tonia, Soisy, 8at8oy, Sharmain and Kully Rehal. The video was edited by Left Leberra.

There’s footage from Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, the UK and India.

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