[Bladerunner - Arabic Edition blue]

Desert Wave is an Arabic/Eastern themed concept which is both ambient and rave in equal measure.

It conceptualizes a hallucinogenic & psychedelic vibe where you can trip’ out in mellow mood at the Sand Dunes (Part 1) or be more upbeat at the Light Fantastic, raving till dawn (Part 2) and going back to the past to remember the future (Part 3).

Part 3 is a mix that draws inspiration from BladeRunner and gives it a Middle Eastern sheen with a splash of India and Pakistan thrown in for good measure!

I originally did a version of Part 3 about 6 months ago and stuck it on Mixcloud and as I continued to listen to it, unintentionally, the first 30 minutes to me started sounding like an Arabian version of BladeRunner! But the rest of the mix did not fit that same vibe.

So I felt that I really needed to change it to give it a complete BladeRunner vibe, which I hope I have now achieved with the removal of tracks from the original mix that didn’t fit the vibe and by introducing some new tracks, some of which were especially created with the BladeRunner vibe in mind and that will be released on Generation Bass Digital very soon.

So what I hope you have now is a collection of ambient, electronic and futuristic 80’s club sounds with BladeRunner firmly in mind. This is how I would like to imagine an alternate BladeRunner set in the heart of Arabia!


DesertWave – Part 3 : BladeRunner – [Arabic Edition]. by Dj Umb on Mixcloud


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