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Oligarkh is a young hip-hop/IDM producer, seeking for special Russian vibe in between progressive electronics and sounds of his motherland.
His music is a collage of images, melodies and words that portray the features of the national character. Spiritual, folk, chanson and lyrical music is framed by solid bass bells, 8-bit balalaika and broken rhythms. With their help, he drives the audience from light of the church to dark night forest, from walls of Kremlin to remote villages, from ghetto-like suburbs to luxury rich districts. All his music is based on this contrast, opposition of high culture and popular, contemporary and ancient.
Oligarkh’s debut, an “abstract-orthodox” longplay “Zemlya i Volya” (Land and Liberty) was released in the end of the last year and got lots of reviews. Russian internet was confused, “is it true love to motherland or first echoes of new Russia?”. Some people see in him “a typical occurrence for doom generation”, others — “reconsideration of pre-urban sound” and epic trap-shit.
Together with a drummer Oligarkh makes unbelievable solid music from fragile abstract hip-hop to heavy dubstep. His gigs are supported by video collages from historical films, documentaries, fairytales and media heroes.”

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“St. Petersburg electronic band Oligarkh is a unique phenomenon on the Russian music scene. Their debut album made quite a mark on the Runet with its impossibly eclectic mix of Orthodox prayer, traditional Russian lyrics, bell-ringing and modern electronic bass music. Even young people are unsure if they like this kind of mixture, while the older generation is just shocked.

The musicians themselves think that their songs help to unearth their native culture. Listening to a peaceful prayer with an offensive drum beat, for instance, creates a prevailing sense of darkness. And that’s where the mystery lies. According to the band, that’s the secret of the Russian soul, when the lines between good and bad are blurred.”

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