If you recall I did a piece on Bblos some time back describing him as the New Wave of Ecuador.. Thing is, I’m still not quite sure if he is in fact from Ecuador or was just over there making music lol. It appears that he’s from NY in the USA. That aside and wherever he may be from, he’s worked on something else that just oozes sublimity. It’s with a crew who call themselves “The Soft Curfew” and who consist of Bblos, Sean Water. Klau$, La Melissa aka yung samples and Yung lil Yung. Yep. save for Bblos, I’ve never heard of any of them either before. I’m also not sure what this collective is! Is it a label? a Producer crew? just a crew of people having fun? And who the f**k are the Shaman Sisters?

Whatever or whomever this lot may be, they’ve dropped a bunch of class, sweet tunes dripping out simple melodies like they’ll never run out of them and I just love melody. I just love this stuff, the kind of feel good, happy, first time in love, butterflies in your stomach sort of tunage.  The kind of stuff that it takes simply no effort to enjoy!

I can see this going down well in the love-sick college dorms worldwide, well it should. Burn your EDM and get a load of this. I think that there could be some truly GREAT things to come from this bunch!

And the Shaman Sisters, wow!

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