L.I.E.S is a great US label that drops some amazing electronic music from all over the place and they’ve just dropped this amazing podcast of an interview with one of the Pioneers of Chicago House Music L.I.A.M. This is just brilliant and a gem of a podcast. Here’s what they say:

Thanks to Xavier from DDD Records in Paris we have what may be one of the only interviews ever conducted with cult engineer and producer from the infamous Head Studios in Chicago L.I.A.M.

Alongside with his partner Marcus Mixx they produced what are now some of the most sought after records in the history of Chicago House music on labels like Missing Dog, Saber, Get Wet and Sweat, Under Dog, Percision, and Streetfire among others.

We now find L.I.A.M. living here in Paris, Xavier tracked him down to tell his story…so sit back relax and check out two hours of amazing stories about MIDI, programming beats and PARTYING in the studio.

Words from Xavier DDD Records, Paris: Friday Feb 5th 2016

I met L.I.A.M. in 2012 thanks to a Marcus Mixx post stating that he was living in Paris. We had a drink together and he told me his story about his journey in the world of House music. Later I invited him to La Source Record shop to conduct an official interview with hopes of eventually sharing it with the public in some form.

A lot of time went by since the initial interview and I felt a transription to paper would really miss the sound and energy of L.I.A.M.’s unique voice.

Thus, we finally set up this interview on Rinse France with myself, L.I.A.M. and Chicago House obsessive, Jean Nipon there in support to further help conduct the interview.

We thank L.I.A.M. greatly for sharing his story, granting us this interview and painting a picture of a magical time in the history of Chicago House music.


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