14 February and no red cards on my doormat smelling of rose petals and perfume. I’ve got a strange love-hate relationship with romance. So heartbroken and cynical that it can passionately disgust me, while at the same time I keep suffering from an incurable weak spot for the intense sparks of tender emotion found in its aesthetics and sounds.

I can totally lose myself listening to the RnB and bachata songs that resonated with my feelings throughout my coming of age years. Tender and sweet like cotton candy. The cheesier and kitschier, the more beautiful and intense. Escaping, without a grain of irony, into a strangely comforting world which, I am aware at the same time, does not exist. Not for me. Like a convinced atheist who can’t help but sneak into the back of a church once in a while because of the organ sounds, candles and the smell of old wood.

Exactly that is the feeling evoked by Murlo & Florentino‘s free Red Bull exclusive ‘Come Back’, made for broken hearted romantics on a lonely Valentine’s Day to disappear into the music in the club tonight. Sparkling bells, soft lead and dancehall-esque club beat accompaning the repetitive cry ‘please forgive me’ powerfully create the sensation of romantically dancing and caressing a phantom lover who has evaporated into the air.

Unfortunately, the track is protected my Red Bull and can’t be streamed, but be checked out and downloaded >> HERE <<, together with a nice short Valentine’s interview with the producers.


As a special extra for Generation Bass romantics, I picked another, angelically beautiful kizomba track which is perhaps even more touching than ‘Come Back’: Equalz x FMG – Believe, produced by Babel-Ish.

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