DJ Pozor from Budapest has just released a remix EP on French VLAD Label. Go grab this:



Let’s see what happens when Arabic and Balkan melody or Hungarian hiphop meets contemporary bass music. Tropical rhythms, urban lowlines, east-european identity – this is Dj Pozor’s brand new remix EP.

Remixed artists come from different worlds. Canadian virtuoso violinist Briga turns to moombahton, Belgian Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra jump on a drum and bass traktor that rides with 174 bpm, and south-Hungarian heavy-drinker rappers from Szeged tell their stories on reggaeton-trap beats.

The theme? Conservative societies know the sweetest sins. That’s why in the Balkans so many people drink like hell and deal often with prostitutes. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that the only universally eastern-european word is “kurva”, despite the distant language families. Although these topics are still kinda taboo, somehow everybody is connected…”



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