I’m really feeling this production duo. Last week I posted their Desert Gangster track and this week they’ve come up with another chill house beauty full of dark atmosphere.  Very Trentemolleresque!

Here’s what they say:

Being trapped in a snow covered, wooden house in the mountains with @zosiabaroody led to this and the discovery of arguably the worlds best breakfast combination.

P.s. I ate a very crumbly apple crisp granola bar on a long chairlift yesterday and thought the situation was rather surreal so I laughed a little bit as I admired the view.

Free Download:

A few weeks ago, @itskaasi told me of a beautiful idea he’d had about a way to be able to upload more of what he was really making on a daily basis. Real and raw, the motivation behind it, he’d worded beautifully;


His concept of ‘stamping’ an idea in time thrilled me mainly because of the fact that it allows you to hear the stepping stones between our releases or, as I like to think of them, the little moments of madness that would have otherwise remained private.

As producers, we’re often working on many projects at once, and ideas that could have actually been realised then and there in the moment, instead sit forgotten. Usually, an actual ‘song’ will have waited around for about a month or two before it then gets its scheduled release.

So, here is this Soundcloud, where I can share with you what I’m making today; just pure unabashed exploration and the things that weren’t ever meant to be anything more than what they are, this isn’t so much about my ‘songs’, so much as the sounds of my everyday.

I hope for this to serve as a map of my creative path, so you can see where my heart is going between my official releases, and more importantly what it is that is inspiring me now rather than a few months ago.

Ultimately, I can get back to feeling that this is all a humble journey, and not a deadline ridden marathon of milestones.

– TÂCHES (29.01.2016)

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