For me this year the most interesting artists making new underground music, creating new scenes and concepts and coming with the “attitude” are the ladies. They really are on the rise this year in this scene. People like Dj Haram, Foozool, 8ulentina, Sinerise, Maieli, OchoBoyz, Zhe Pechorin, Deena Abdelwahed, Soisy and many others including of course OtinaOtina. Then you have the more established artists like Fatima Al Qadri and Asma from Nguzunguzu, Mutamassik, Venus X and many others who have inspired and set the tone for this new breed.

So keep a look out for all of that stuff cause it def has a foothold in setting the scene for the future of interesting dance music with a Transnational flava without going all EDM or colonial on us!

Here’s the latest mixtape offering from OtinaOtina from her Basslines and Culture series and in this one she’s taking in Genre-bending Bhangtrap x Bollytrap x Arabtronix x Persiantrap x Sufritronix + more. Right up our street!

Artist Tracklisting:

Nucleya – nucleya.bandcamp.com
They Call Me Jack – @theycallmejack-official
SDM & StringVibe –
Dj Ashwani
illtext x Sampul
Mind over Mayhem
Axel Thesleff – @axelthesleff
Maieli – biancamaieli.com
Rishi BassFakira – rishivyas.com/the-last-bassfakira/
OchoBoyz – ochoboyzbnu.tumblr.com
The Secret Archives of the Vatican –
Sikh Knowledge – realistan.tumblr.com
Foozool – @foozool
Ampresi – @ampresimusic
Panjabi Architect (MDR PROJECT) www.reverbnation.com/panjabiarchitect
Interlude – Rukus Avenue www.youtube.com/user/RukusAvenue
Lookas – Lookasmusic – Samurai
J-Statik & DJ KSR –
Fuego – @fuegomusica
Outro – Jus Reign


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