Since the Tarraxo wave, one of the only things that’s been grabbing more and more of my interest, save for Arabic stuff, is Gqom and its evolution, especially in the hands of dudes like South African Maramza.

Maramza has added an Apocalyptic flair to his Gqom productions much in the same vein that dudes from the Portuguese Bass Underground did to Tarraxo & Fodencia. This makes it super exciting, interesting and highly relevant.

Maramza has just dropped this 4 track EP consisting of Gqom set in a dystopian, apocalyptic world where the future is bleak. There’s very little hope for humanity mirroring much of the world today. Where you have a savage Neo-Facist Nazi like The Trump trying to take over the world and lead one of the world’s most powerful nations into total annihilation. A world devoid of dignity and respect for humanity.

It’s an intoxicating listen:

Don’t forget to check the awesome remix he did for our recent Neki release:

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