Really cool mix here from Sam Tiba from Club Cheval incorporating his memories of music from his childhood which I guess was spent in Japan or in a Japanese household or in a household that loved Japanese musicians, who knows.

I can’t remember the last time I blogged Sam Tiba but I remember the first time with his brilliant “Barbie Weed” track back in 2009!

I don’t know a majority of the stuff on this mixtape but I do know and am very familar with Ryuichi Sakamoto who features on this mix with one of my all time favourite tracks featuring David Sylvian “Forbidden Colours”.  Sam has chosen to use the Cinematic version as opposed to the original but I never tire of hearing either version of this awesome tune.

This is a great chilled experience.

MSC – 宿ノ斜塔
Cornelius – Fantasma
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Forbidden Colours
Masuda Toshio – Tsuyu wo Suu Gun
Inada Shintarou – Fruits
M-Flo – Ro-Ri-Tanjou
Norikiyo – NEXT Pro.K-NERO
Loop Junktion – 弔
Nujabes – Luv(Sic) Pt. 4 feat. Shing02 (Instrumental)
Shuren The Fire – Yudachi
Ryuichi Sakamoto – War & Peace
Sakura Ensemble – Ensemble 16
Asa-Chang & Junray – Senaka
Tujiko Noriko – I Love You
Towa Tei – Happy
Shuta Hasunuma – Discover Tokyo
Masuda Toshio – Mushishi no Theme
Some Shakuhachi Melody
Tomita – Clair de Lune
Aoki Takamasa -Tujiko Noriko
Notuv – Valse (Sam Tiba Edit)
Seiho – Someone To Call My Lover (Sam Tiba Edit)
Ozrosaurus – Rollin’ 045
Shintaro Aoki – Kai no Kanashimi
Akiko Yano – Kanashikute Yarikire Nai
Keiichiro Shibuya – For Maria
Kyo Ichinose – Never Always
Nujabes – Mystline (Reversed)
DJ Krush – Living in the Future (feat. tha BOSS)
Yoko Kanno – Atomic Bird (Cosmic Voices From Bulgaria)
X-Japan – Endless Rain (Music Box Version)
Eri Sugai – Mai
Tomomichi Takeoka – Shinshu Plains
Koichi Sugiyama – Melancholy (Reversed)
Nobuo Uematsu – Zanarkand (Intimate Version) (Reversed)
Buddha Brand – ブッダの休日

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