This guy could make millions only if Björk could hear him, trust me. He`s from Belgrade, Serbia and is complete avant-garde artist, very cunning in breaking of all known rules of music. Equipped with plastic r`n`b piano grabbed from YouTube and autotune stuck in C major, Mr. Adnan constantly pushes the boundaries of possible since his first on-line appearance some years ago. HE`S THE NEXT LEVEL. Check it out:



Though it may seem out of tune for most of us – try to think about this outside the box. Who needs rules? Who invented the rules in music? Was it God or was it us, the humans? Do we have to obey them by all means or our urge to express ourselves can overthrow them? I think that artists doesn`t have to follow them. They have to know them in order to avoid them. Thus the C major lasts forever as long as Mr. Adnan is concerned. Before you dare to judge anything, please remember that THE ARTIST COMES FIRST.




This music is natural. Nature has no straight lines as we all know. And the lyrics are about love. It`s actually a natural love call, a primordial sex drive, similar to deer roar in springtime, with the same function as those shiny feathers of peacock`s tail. It lasts at least until the sex partner is attracted. Let`s hope it`s going to echo much longer than that.



And now behold the video of Mr. Adnan featuring Mr. Arbenita, his sister:




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