Carlos the dude behind the artists Shaman Sisters and bblos and the label/arts community Soft Curfew is one of the coolest dudes I speak to on Soundcloud. He always starts with calling me “playa” and ends a convo with “Stay fresh. No bad days playa” which I think are the coolest words anybody has ever said to me on Soundcloud. I can just imagine him saying them in a humble, friendly, chilled out, stoned and hazy Cali voice with emphasis on ultra slow delivery. Maybe it’s just a Cali thing, I don’t know but I like it. As I do the Shaman Sisters.

There’s something very simplistic and naive about their music but it has tons of feel good melodies and I just keep a track on loop, like forever, which is a good thing cause it means it’s really good if it can withstand multiple listens. Their EP is due out soon. Their music always puts me in a good man, much like Carlos’ convo’s with me.

Stay fresh, no bad days playa!


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