#Future Tarraxo, Tarraxo, Zouk, Kizomba, whatever you wanna call it, I’m still really loving these sensual vibes and especially the place where Bison & Squareffekt take this sound.

The opening and often ending of their tracks always remind me in some way of the 1983 epic Scarface and the Soundtrack by Giogio Moroder, albeit the music itself bears no relation to the story line, imagery or themes of that movie.

I still think the full potential of Bison has remained unmatched since his first EP which we released “The New Wave of Tarraxinha” but this and his subsequent releases with Squareffekt have come very, very close.

On this new number, they have teamed up with a very familiar and established name in the scene, Kush Arora, who we’ve known since the beginnings of this blog. With Kush in tow, the #Future Tarraxo sound is the dominant backdrop but it is stretched further to include a subtle Indian influence on the percussion and also in my view a very surprising hint of Pop Arabia in the strings, now that is something I’d really love to hear more of in their productions because it just seems to fit in so naturally.

Another gorgeous track that deserves so much more attention than it is likely to receive online.

Here’s what they say about their collab:

After having a internet admiration for each other’s music, and a desire to learn from each other on their traditions, the three of these folks across the world started to trade sketches in 2015 which lead to this song, the first of many that will be emerging.

Bison & Squareffekt are a Portuguese production duo on the rise, who have a unique, futuristic and melancholic take on the sensual cadence of Angolan kizomba and tarraxo. As the zouk bass sound spreads across the globe and producers push these sweaty 90BPM into new and unfamiliar territories, the duo takes an organic approach to the genre as they reimagine the tarraxo sound from within. Putting a modern electronic twist into the slow sexy beats that make the ghettos dance provocatively from Lisbon to Luanda, Bison & Squareffekt are definitely here to stay.

Kush Arora has been producing a variety of indo carribean, kuduro, industrial, and ambient sounds in San Francisco for over 18 years. He lends his sound design, beat structures, and evolving landscapes to the tarraxo formula, propelling it further and further into space.

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