The amazing Serbian/Bosnian producer Zhe Pechorin who is one of our faves returns with a an amazing new number which haunts and stays long in the memory. The subject matter is “Emptiness” and this is perfectly encapsulated within the track whose mood places you in a state of isolation but of the kind that you enjoy being in, contemplative, alone, happy in your state of nothingness.

There’s a bunch of highly rated producers out there who are turning out numbers that prioritize style over substance but here is one artist, of the genuine kind who pours out substance over style but with a whole load of style in place too.


At the right time you will be able to go through the state of emptiness . Ostvarićeš this investigation because of some things and your being will know that you are at the center of absolute emptiness , in the center of the endless circle . ” Omori Rosie

Each Enso is unique and imperfect … as well as its author .

Cover : Ivana Rakic

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