A well deserved tribute mix here to Sarantis during his Dubstep hey day. I agree with the author of the mix that Sarantis was and still is a highly underrated producer. He was one of my faves during the Dubstep era and he’s still one of my faves with some of his recent output including the freebie “Karami” EP’s that we’ve released/worked in conjunction with him on focusing on the Arabic sound.

This mix takes in all the classic Sarantis material, most of which was released on London’s Senseless Records.

This mix is part of a wider aim as the dude who did the mix is trying to achieve what he calls the 780 Project:

“Well, I am planning on putting out a ton of mixes this year so that I can feature 780 different tracks by the end of 2016, or 15 tracks for each of the 52 weeks of the year.”

Read more about it HERE.

Best of luck mate and giving some dues to artists like Sarantis is certainly a step in the right direction and so you get our vote.


01. Sarantis – More Than Money ft Warrior Queen (Senseless)
02. Sarantis – Low Riddim (Senseless)
03. Sarantis – Focus (Instrumental) (Senseless)
04. Sarantis – Fetish (Senseless)
05. Sarantis – Badman Dub (Senseless)
06. Sarantis – Spark (Senseless)
07. Sarantis – Vendetta (Special Branch)
08. Sarantis – Eclipse (Subsonik)
09. Sarantis – Outlaw Dub (Subsonik)
10. Sarantis – Nitroglycerine ft Asher Don & Dialect (Terminal Dusk)

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