A gorgeous new sparse, moody & melancholic number from one of our faves, The Bandish Projekt featuring Words & Poetry by Last Mango In Paris, Vocals by Aishwarya Joshi and Bols by Durva Narvekar.

Bandish Projekt say that the track is reminiscent of an earlier track by Last Mango in Paris in 1997, “Accepting Tranquility” which was released on Talvin Singh’s famed Asian Underground Anokha compilation.

You might be wondering what “Bols” are, well we can tell you that “Bols” are vocal riddims based on tabla riddims. Before tabla players learn to play they vocalise the riddim first.

This is gorgeous and I love the subtle hint of Arabia on the track via the beautiful string arrangements.

Classy stuff, I could listen to Aishwarya’s voice all day & night, simply breath-taking:

You can watch a video too HERE.

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