Yes, as it says, a stonkingly brilliant Lebanese Pop mix here had me swinging from my chandeliers with my Jazz-endured smoked salmon in hand lol!

Nothing massively new in this mix or unheard of before and if you’re into this kind of music, you’ll know many of the artists who are pretty well-known and famous in Lebanon already.

No claims of discovering a stash of dusty old records which are going to be released on vinyl and which the DJ will try to book gigs on the back off lol. Is there anything worse or less cool than that nowadays?  I just think it’s a pretty shit way of trying to make it.

Just some gyal in Brazil of all the places not in the Middle East laying down some awesome good time grooves and sharing them with the world without the need for recognition. Just how we like it and isn’t that how it ought to be, just for the love of music?

This is great:

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